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Martha Stewart Would Faint

As you are all probably aware, I’m not exactly the most suave gal. My cooking skills are…well…lacking. Actually, I can’t stand to cook. My cleaning skills are…well…lacking. I can’t stand to clean. My gardening skill are…well…lacking. Just take a look at my yard.  I’m sure the neighbors wish I would grow myself a green thumb or hire a gardener.

I think you get the point (and you’re probably wondering exactly what I do with myself when I get home).

You see, when you walk into your house after work and find this…

in your dining room…

…you know that Martha Stewart hasn’t been decorating your home.

Youngest Chicklet decided to relocate his drum set out of his room. He wanted more space…to do what, exactly, I have no idea. So, he decided to redecorate my dining room. The dining room table is no longer centered below the light fixture. Oh no…it’s almost in the middle of my house now.

Although I am a very strict mom, for some reason this type of thing does not bother me. I mean, we’ve already put this…

…in our den.

What in the world is it? Well, it’s the ping pong table we bought for Youngest Chicklet’s birthday last month. Of course, Mr. AuburnChick couldn’t buy some cheap-o brand. Oh no. He went out and bought one of the finest. We wanted something that could be folded up and tucked away in a corner.

Somehow, the more $$ you spend, the bigger the table.

We tried putting it in the garage. No go. With Soccer Chick driving (with only her permit, though), we never know which vehicle we’re taking out of the garage. She prefers to drive the Jeep. I take the other car to work. Plus, the instruction manual clearly states that the table must be stored indoors.


So, I rearranged a bit of furniture to make room for the table. At least it’s accessible when the Chicklets’ friends come over. That was the main reason why we shelled out the dough for it.

So now we have a drum set and a ping pong table centrally located in our not-very-big house.  When you add a knitter’s stuff to the mix, you have a problem.

Throw in a little yarn here…

…and there…

…And here…

…And here (this one is messy…it stays hidden in the bedroom)…

…And here…

Well, you get my point. Martha Stewart would pass out at my audacity.

Oh, she’d like the yarn, at least some of it. I have some fine skeins in there. But it’s obvious that I do not have the gift of interior design. My goal is to keep the yarn as far away from the dogs as possible. Beyond that, I don’t really care too much what the arrangements look like.

Yep…living in my house is like digging into a box of assorted chocolates. Always an adventure. You never know from one day to the next what you’re gonna find.  But who cares. The fun is in the tasting…or in our case…the living. What’s the good of having things if you can’t have them out to enjoy them.

I can say this and mean it since the Chicklets are at church and not banging away on the drums (one of the advantages of having them in the bedroom was that you could shut the door to drown out some of the noise).

I’ll just turn up the volume on my laptop when I’m listening to KnittingRose or Stitch-It and live my somewhat happy-go-lucky life.

Martha Stewart can have her pristine house. I’ll keep my lived-in, not-so-fancy, redneck home.

4 Responses

  1. You are such a great mom. Your kids won’t remember how neat or messy the house was – they will remember that Mom let me do things and loved me. That is the measure of a good/bad mom.
    I think it is sweet.

  2. At least you can see your dining table! 😉

  3. I knew right away it was a ping pong table! What a cool mom you are! And yeah – I had to convert a whole area in one room for all my yarn – but it has made a way of “scattering” back out in areas. Yarn has a funny way of doing that – doesnt it!

  4. Y’all are so sweet! Thank you for the affirmation that I don’t have to maintain a neatly arranged home. Whew! Off of the guilt merry-go-round. 😀

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