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AuburnChick Waits for a Package

Today I received a message from my friend, Rabbitrescuer.  She is my friend whose son was badly burned this summer, and she’s spent the last three months at a Shriner’s Hospital while he recovers.  We’ve become good friends during this time.

She’s such a sweet gal.  Her message was, in affect, a teaser.  She said that she’s sending me a package and to be on the lookout for it.

Hmmm…I know she went to a fabulous yarn store on Friday.


So I called her as soon as I got off of work.  We typically chat during this time each weekday.  I told her that I had received her message.  I could almost hear her smiling over the phone.  She can’t keep surprises, you see, and I knew she was trying desperately not to tell me what is in said package.

“Well, it’s bigger than a packing envelope,” she said.


“The box is almost the size of the one you sent me, only taller,” she continued.

Double hmmm…

She giggled.

I smiled (not that she could see that).

I love surprises.

If you see a mailman being attacked by a 5’3″ woman bearing knitting needles, just smile and drive on by.  He won’t be the first to have been lovingly attacked by an anxious knitter awaiting knitting goodies.

3 Responses

  1. OOHHHH – surprises are so much fun!!!

  2. You’re right…she can’t keep a secret. 😀 Hear ME smiling?

  3. Oh…you are SO bad!!!

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