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A Night of Excitement

No, it’s not what you think, so get your mind out of the gutter.

You know that my life is very rarely, if ever, calm.  Tonight was no exception.

First of all, let me start out by saying that Soccer Chick’s “new” coach generously released her from the obligation to his team.  The Mr. and I were shocked.  We had braced ourselves for a stronger response.  What a huge relief.

You’d think the rest of the day would be easy, but this is the AuburnChick household.  There is no easy button.

I was sitting around this evening, knitting on my newest project (to be posted soon, I hope) when I got up to let the dogs in.  Molly and Aubie were patiently waiting at the door for me.

All of a sudden, Molly turned on Aubie and attacked her.  Apparently, Aubie was too close to her.

And the evening went downhill from there.

Aubie had to defend herself and got hold of Molly.  Neither would let go.

The Mr. and I tried desperately to pull them apart without getting bitten in the process.  At one point, we each had the back legs of the dogs, trying to pull them apart.  Aubie had a fierce grip on what appeared to be one of Molly’s eyes.  I was standing behind Molly and was dreading what I would have to face later.  We have no idea how Aubie held on so strongly because all of her front teeth are gone.  She’s old.

Don’t ask me how we got them separated, but when we did, I dragged Molly backward into the house and straight to the bathroom.  She was limping again, this time on the other foot.  This was the third fight in a week and a half, and the second in one day.

Molly has a very deep gash in one leg.  We think it went to the muscle.  She has another puncture wound right below the gash.  Her ear was torn up.  Fortunately, her eye is okay.  Aubie got her ear instead.

Aubie has gashes across her back, but it appears she suffered the least physical of the two.  Emotionally, she’s a wreck…shaking like a leaf.  I guess you could compare her to an elderly person being mugged.  In shock.

We decided we better call a vet, but of course all of the offices were already closed.  After a bit of discussion, we decided to page one of the doctors.  Molly’s gash looked like it needed attention.  The vet seemed a bit hesitant but finally agreed to meet us.

Thank goodness.  One look at Molly was all he needed to understand that my concerns had not been for nothing.  This was much more serious than a scrape.  I tried to explain that I had seen children through many bumps, bruises, and cuts during their young lives, and rarely had I taken them to the emergency room.  This time was different.

He put Molly under and got her sewn up.  I cried when I saw Molly trying to sleep off the anesthesia.  She seemed so helpless.

I think I cried because of the love I feel so deeply for my furry babies (remember what I went through with the rat).  We rescued Molly from our local animal shelter.  We suspect that she was younger than eight weeks old…living on the streets when someone found her and turned her over to the  animal authorities.  We nursed her back to health through a severe case of worms and kennel cough.  The vet, at that time, couldn’t assure me that she would live.

I’m worried that I might have to give her up.  All to preserve two lives.

Aubie has been with our family for nine years…ever since Rooster was in kindergarten and wrote in his journal (yes, they were writing that early on), “I loved my dog, and my dog loved me.”  He was referring to a dog we had previously owned but given to a friend due to Soccer Chick’s allergies.  Aubie filled a need inside of Rooster.  She, too, was rescued from an animal shelter.

She’s old now…has gray hair around her face.

None of us can fathom the thought of losing her to a dog fight.  In fact, the thought of her passing, regardless of the “how” brings us all to tears as we know the time will come one day.

For now, we’re going to keep them separated.  Molly will stay in a crate during the day when I’m at work, and the other dogs will stay out.  We’ll work to ensure that they spend as little time together until things cool down.  The vet suggested obedience training to teach Molly to be submissive.  She clearly wants to be the alpha dog and tries to intimidate Aubie.  Poor Aubie gives off an air of fear, which feeds Molly’s sense of power.

The kids are very upset, as am I.  I know that God cares about every facet of our lives, so I’m asking that you pray for us.  Please pray that I would be receptive to whatever solution He deems best, and, if possible, that a way be found to keep our feisty sweetheart (Molly) with us.

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