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Random Acts of Knitting

I want to start a new movement, and I want to call it Random Acts of Knitting.

What on earth, you may be wondering, has led me down this path?

Well, the reason, dear friends, has to do with the chemo cap I knit for my bank teller.

I had the privilege of gifting it today.

You must understand that I do not want any recognition for the knitting I do for others.  That is part of the fun of knitting the Oddball Blankets.  It was the fun of knitting for Knitting Guy’s mom, Ms. Jean.  Unless I knit a gift for Christmas or a birthday. I do not get to see the recipient’s face.

Not so today, although that was not my intention.

I took the hat, wrapped in a gift bag, as I ran errands.  My plan was to drop it off quickly and leave.  I didn’t even sign the card I had included.

When I walked into the branch, I was greeted, by name, by one of the customer service representatives…the advantage of living in a small town.  Since I wasn’t sure how to spell the teller’s name, I stopped and asked the representative.  He pointed to the teller’s counter, indicating that she was working today.

Uh oh…there went my carefully laid-out plan to remain anonymous.

I had, after all, nicknamed her the “Traveling Teller,” and she had gotten a laugh out of it.

God apparently had different plans.

Another gal is on maternity leave, so “my” teller is working in this branch for the next few weeks.

I shyly approached the counter, struck by her courage that led her to go capless today.  Her eyes still had the sparkle I’m familar with.

I’ve gotta tell you that I am not the most confident person around.  I’m very self-conscious and don’t want to come across as weird.

Anyhow, I kept putting one foot in front of the other until I reached her.

While handing her the bag, I told her that I had been touched a couple of weeks ago when I saw her, and I wanted to make something for her, having the perfect yarn in my stash.

She opened it, marveling at the softness of the chinchilla, but I grew concerned that perhaps the cap would be too large.

She quickly put it on.

A perfect fit.

I sincerely told her that I love her.

I meant it.

She is in a tough business where people are always in a hurry.  I’ve never seen her grow impatient, no matter how long or difficult a transaction might be.  A real sweetie.

Hence, my heart-felt words.

She told me that she loves me too.

I exited the bank as gracefully as I could, having never done anything like this before, and sat for a moment to collect myself.

Then I called my sister.  I had to share the experience with her.  I grew teary as I talked.

She understood.

Random Acts of Knitting.

Who can we touch today?  Whether it be a homeless person who needs a pair of mittens or a newborn in need of a blanket.  It doesn’t take much time, and it doesn’t take much money.  A little effort goes a long way.

I was reminded of that today as I saw the joy reflected in my teller’s eyes.

I am humbled that God would use my hands to bring such joy to someone.  I pray that I will continue to keep my eyes open to others who could use a Random Act of Knitting to bring a ray of sunshine to their day.


2 Responses

  1. i did a bit of random knitting gifting this past weekend too. it is a wonderful feeling!

  2. your story makes me just tear up!!!

    You have graced so many people with your knitting – you have always amazed me with what you put into your work for others…. so your story does not surprise me at all….that’s how your heart rolls 🙂

    I know you are going to continue to use your talent to bless others.

    I think God had her there just so you can see the way you touch lives…. I know you send things in the mail or drop them off, but I think its good for you to see how something that you may consider small – how it means so much to someone! Especially in times of chaos & struggle – a little bit of love can do wonders!!!

    You are awesome!

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