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Another Repair Job

Only this time it was knitting related, but I did get to pull out the hammer!  You know me…gotta take every opportunity to pull out the tools!

Last week, my sister called and told me that the booga bag I’d given her for Christmas had developed two large holes, so she passed it to the Mr. when he and Chicky passed through last weekend.  Here’s what it looked like…

The strange thing was that the holes were only on one side of the bag.

I pondered a fix, asked my Ravelry friends for advice, and then went into action.

I bought extra large grommets from Joann’s (using a 50% AC Moore coupon, which the store accepted)…

When I got home, I found the leftover yarn from the project (thank goodness I’d saved it).  I cut off a long strand, doubled it, and used an embroidery needle to stitch around the edges of the hole.

Then I took the bag outside, grabbed the hammer from the toolbox, and proceeded to pound in four grommets…two on each side.

I am pleased with the results…

I was so inspired that I added grommets to my own bag…on which I had discovered one hole in the making.

I’ve decided that I will add grommets to all of the bags I make.  Although the bags look decorative, you receive so many compliments on them that you find yourself using them more and more.  In fact, my sister and I use our’s as our regular purses.

When I called her yesterday to tell her about my success, she sounded relieved.  She said she had considered shopping for another purse since her’s was out of commission.

Not necessary, Sister Dear.  Your purse will find its way home this weekend when the Mr. and Chicky stop back through.


One Response

  1. The repair looks great and added many years of usefulness to the bag.

    Good Job!

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