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Some Things You Don’t Skimp On

It’s been three weeks since I touched my coupons.

What can I say?  Life has kept me busy.

We’ve made really small trips for deli sandwiches and such, but no major excursions.

However, today was the first in a while that I did not have to sub. I planned on taking advantage of my day off.

I dragged out the coupons…

Yeah, it’s as messy in real life as in those pictures.  Hence, my reluctance to dive back in.

However, Rooster had started getting ornery, pretty much demanding that I get my act in gear.  He’s almost 16 and eats a lot.  In his words, “I’ve eaten everything that’s edible.”

Not very subtle, eh?

So, I got my list together and headed out.

I spent more than usual, but only because my store will not accept the $5/$20 Rite Aid coupons any more.

Still, I saved 60%.  Sorry, but I did not take any pictures.

I heard ooohhh’s and ahhhh’s as the kids and the Mr. discovered the cookies and chips I had come home with.  You’d have thought they’ve never seen those items before!

A bit later, Chicky emerged from the restroom with a, “Whoa, what kind of toilet paper did you buy?”

Uh oh.

I guess the Scott’s wasn’t going over very well…

I thought I was getting a great deal.  I used a $1 coupon to drop the price I paid to $2.99.  I had compared the yardage and saw I was getting more for my money.

Plus, I thought Chicky liked rough toilet paper.  She used to tell me to buy “gas station toilet paper” because she did not like the soft stuff.

I guess her preferences have changed…matured, if you will.

I would have done well to check the number of plys per sheet.

It is one-ply.

“Suck it up,” I said.  I’ll get some better stuff next time, making no mention of the $10 stuff I buy for the Mr.’s bathroom (which I’ve blogged about before).

Still thinking it was no big deal, I headed over to the kids’ bathroom for a tinkle.

One spin of the roll, and I was hollering, “Whoa!”

Rooster heard me and said, “Told you so.”

That he did.

I learned my lesson.  There are just some things you don’t skimp on.

2 Responses

  1. The worst I;ve had was my school toilet paper. It was a bit like tracing paper! O_O

  2. LOL! Yes, that IS one thing that’s important not to skimp on! After I go to the grocery store and I tell them what I bought (’cause if they looked through the bags I’d make them put up the groceries!), you would’ve thought they’d seen Santa1

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