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I have a couple of funny “oops” teaching moments from the week.

The first one happened a few days ago.  One of my students had been acting up, so I wrote his name on a sticky as a reminder to call his mother.  He saw me do this and fumed the rest of class.  My students are very aware that once they get their names written down, the axe is going to fall.

Well, I got sidetracked or, more likely, too busy and did not make that phone call.

The next afternoon, when the student walked into class, he paused and asked, “Mrs. AuburnChick, did you call my mom yesterday?”

“No, I didn’t have a chance to,” I replied.

“Well, since you said you were going to, I went ahead and told her what I’d done in your class,” he said.




The other oops was not exactly funny…um…just different.

It happened the day before yesterday.

One of my students just would not stop talking during class, and I finally got fed up and dialed his mother’s number right there in the middle of class.

I’d gotten her cell phone the last time this child had been acting up.

The phone rang and rang and rang.  Finally, she picked up…

“Hello,” she said very groggily.

“Hello, Mrs. Mom.  This is Mr. Talkative Student’s reading teacher, and I’m having a problem with your son.  Um, did I wake you up?” I asked.

“No, you didn’t.  It’s just that I just had outpatient surgery, and I’m in the recovery room,” she said.


I seriously wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

“Oh, Mrs. Mom.  I am so sorry,” I responded.

Shoot, I thought, what do you say in a situation like this?

I continued…”Mrs. Mom, I’m going to call back when you’re feeling better.  Please take care of yourself.  I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery.”




I turned to Mr. Talkative and asked if he knew his mom was having surgery.  He told me that he thought it was scheduled for the next day.

Well, apparently it wasn’t.

I admonished him, warning him in the strictest of voices to be kind to his mama and take care of her.

Oh yes.  Teaching is the perfect place for interesting moments such as the above.

One Response

  1. I think its funnier that she had her cell phone in the recovery room!!!

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