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The Case of the Missing Hole Puncher

Alas, it’s been a longggggg few weeks.  The closer we get to FCAT, the more frenetic things get.

Added to that is the fact that my second Reading Endorsement class just started, which means lots of reading and one weekly assignment for the next ten weeks.

There are a lot of wonderful resources provided through the Reading Endorsement program, so it’s helpful to print the course materials.

Which is how I discovered that something had gone awry.

After printing my course materials, I wanted to put everything into binders, so I went in search of my very nice hole puncher, which I purchased last year.

Going to the spot where I normally keep it, I realized that it wasn’t there.


I went to a second place in my classroom where I sometimes place it.


I remembered taking it home one weekend, but I was almost positive that I’d taken it back to school.

Hence my mission:  FIND THE HOLE PUNCHER or go crazy in the process.

Because of all of the recent upheaval in my classroom with the upgrade in technology, I thought maybe I’d put the hole puncher in my closet.

Again, nada.


I tore my classroom apart but could not find it.

When I got home, I looked everywhere.

Still, nothing.

In desperation, I called Chicky and asked her to look in my car, which she’d driven back to school since she was having issues with her own vehicle.

I got a text back saying that it wasn’t in my car.

I asked her to look a second time.  Today, I talked to her on the phone.

She didn’t find my hole puncher, but she did discover a Mt. Dew bottle hidden away in my glove compartment.


Still though, no hole puncher.

I had even sent out an email to my fellow reading teachers to see if they’d borrowed my hole puncher.  Nobody responded.


I’m a bit aggravated.

Surely nobody jacked my hole puncher.

I mean, it was a very good one…even had a nice handle.

Still, you never know.

I went to Target and purchased a new one…

It’s by the same company; however, after taking it out of the packaging, I’m disappointed.  It’s not as fancy as my other one, and we all know how I like fancy gadgets.  I’m going to take this back to the store tomorrow.

I’m seriously grumpy right now.


I’ve been grumpy for two days now, and this was just icing on the cake.

I want my hole puncher.

I will find the culprit.

I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll only need to look in the mirror.

One can hope, though, that I haven’t fallen victim to old-timer’s disease.

One Response

  1. It drives me crazy, too, when I can’t find something….
    I usually find the item when I’m looking for something else…

    Good luck…hope you find it soon 🙂

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