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Monday – A Matter of Perspective

Oh Monday.

It’s the day of the week that gets a bashing, does it not?

You should try being a Florida reading teacher the last Monday before FCAT week.

Can you say heart attack-in-the-making?

After a couple of rough days last week, I decided to return to the formula that’s been working in my class…STATIONS!

I sprinkled in a solid ten-minute whole group instructional section and set my students loose each period.

It made a huge difference in most of my students’ behavior.

Did you catch the word “most”?

I teach teenagers.

Hence, each class had it’s episode of drama, and I spent some time between classes and after school calling parents and guardians.

I even called a parent during class and let Mama speak to her child.

When the day was finished, however, I found myself describing the day as “pretty good.”


Earlier in the year, I would have been pulling out my hair and, perhaps, shedding a tear or two.

I’ve decided that it’s a matter of perspective.

Were my students engaged during class?


Did I send a strong message by calling a mama or two?

Uh huh.

Did I collaborate with other teachers?


From my perspective, this was a fruitful day, despite the curve balls that I encountered.

Either I’m getting a little more comfortable with my job, or I’m wiped out and too tired to waste as much energy worrying.

Hmmm…it could be a little bit of each.

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