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Ninja Power

My weekly morning routine is as follows:

  • Get up and get ready for work
  • Get Molly and Pele pottied and fed
  • Leave a chore list for Rooster

Rooster, you might remember, graduated early.  Though he’d found a job, he only lasted one day due to his dislike of the conditions.  So, he’s still unemployed, still sleeping in, and still enjoying his life of freedom.

I would be a bad mother if I allowed him to twiddle his thumbs in boredom each day.

So, I make a chore list for the boy.

Every.  Day.

I wasn’t sure how Rooster felt about it.  He knows not to argue.  Heck.  I’m spending ten hours a day at work.  He knows that doing these chores is his contribution to the household.

What I found on my blank sheet of paper Wednesday morning made me chuckle…

He has a sense of humor, as you can see from his drawing.

He gets it from me, as you can see from my response.

Oh, and just to make my point clear, I left him with a list of new chores (some of them change daily, according to my whim)…

For the record, I’m not telling him to poop.

He’s got that down…mastered that one before he turned a year and a half, thank you very much.

That’s shorthand for “Scoop Poop” (as in dog poop…which there’s a lot of with four dogs doing their business in the yard).

I’ve gotten lazy.

But not so lazy that my Mama Powers can’t beat out his Ninja’s.


2 Responses

  1. I was pretty sure you were talking about the dogs : )

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Too funny! I can always appreciate a good sense of humor! Without mine, I’d be off the deep end by now! 🙂

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