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Reasons Why I Love Juice Fasts

Yesterday, I finished my third ten-day juice fast.

My previous one was when Chicky was in the 11th grade…three years ago.

The last juice fast was a little rough because I took Chicky and her friend out of town to a soccer function and spent the weekend watching them eat while I juiced in the hotel room.

It was rough on the psyche.

This fast had its own challenges…PMS, FCAT, and too low blood sugar the second day.

However, God was faithful and blessed my efforts as I stuck things out.

As my cramps and fatigue slowly eased, my disposition improved.

Last Friday, I experienced major detoxing.  It was difficult to teach because my tongue felt thick, and my mouth was very dry.

Still, I knew the symptoms of detoxing, so I persevered.

The weekend was awesome as I finally started seeing the benefits of the fast.

So, why do I love juice fasting?

There are a number of reasons.

  • My energy level goes up
  • My skin clears up, tightens up, and looks younger (I got complimented on it yesterday)
  • My belly pudge disappears due to the removal of processed sugar, caffeine, and other junk
  • I can see ab muscles again (or maybe those are my ribs…not sure)
  • I lose my muffin top
  • My sense of smell improves (I can smell food a mile away)
  • I have a clarity of mind and can think more clearly

Perhaps one of the best things about juicing is the self-discipline that I develop through the process.

Try to imagine yourself going without food for ten days…because you CHOOSE to go without it.

Going through this exercise reminds me that I can do what I set my mind to doing.

However, I am also reminded that I cannot do it by my own strength.

It’s only because of the Lord that I can ignore my growling stomach, smells of food, and french fry dreams.

Juice fasting is a tangible lesson of the words of Matthew 4:4: “Man does not live on bread alone…”

In this world, and this country in particular, people live to eat.  It should be quite the opposite.  We should eat to live.  Juice fasting shows me that it’s the quality and not the quantity of what I put into my body that sustains me.

If you’re curious about juice fasting, do some reading.  I’ve included the following video.  It’s pretty interesting…a gal who did a 21-day fast.  Watch to the end.  They give the numbers on how much weight and inches she lost during the process.  It’s astounding!

2 Responses

  1. Love the video!
    I still want to do it – my doc said to wait the 12 weeks to see if I have a b6 toxicity… wouldnt you think the juice fast would HELP that?
    And question – you said something about your tongue… since I’ve given up Diet Coke, my tongue has been weird – SUPER DRY… wonder if that’s a detox thing?
    You inspire me with your juice fast… that you do it for health AND for a closer time with God… awesome!

  2. I’ve been wanting to purchase a juicer for quite some time now. I guess that would be the first step, huh? I can only imagine the incredible discipline it takes to accomplish what you have. My hat’s off to you!

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