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Good Days and Bad Days

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had as a teacher thus far.

I used several videos to teach my kids about figurative language…how it’s everywhere…in music…in movies.

They loved the lesson, and I walked out of school energized.

Today was a bad day.

One of my favorite, yet impulsive students decided to act up.

It wasn’t pretty.

Though my students sometimes annoy me, and I may seem mad, I’m usually not.

Today, I got mad.

But I was calm…

As I called for an administrator and filled out the required paperwork…

While other students looked on as he continued his antics…

And even joined in with his antics, thus compounding the problem.


Thankfully, the rest of my day went well, but I’m still incredibly discouraged.

I love, love, love what I do, and I love, love, love the kids I teach.

They aren’t easy to teach, let me tell you.

They aren’t easy to love sometimes.

But I do teach them, and I do love them.

Through the good days and the bad.

2 Responses

  1. Cherish the good days!

    Students bring a lot of “baggage” with them from their lives outside of school, and sometimes they act out in the classroom. Don’t take it personally and continue to love them. Tomorrow will be a much better day.

  2. Sometimes I wonder if God feels that way about me. When I “act out” and just don’t listen and do what He wants me too. But like you love your kids, I know God loves me! Thank goodness.

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