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One Little Key

It’s funny how one little key can unlock so much truth.

This point was driven home yesterday at school.

To better understand what I’m talking about, I think I need to give you some background.

On Tuesday, a situation happened during my fourth period class.  I was in a meeting, so what happened was beyond my control.  I sincerely doubt that, had I been there, the situation could have been avoided.

In the process, my bathroom key was taken by a student who is not one of mine.

Now, let me explain that student bathrooms at my school are kept locked.  Within a couple of months of school starting, every teacher had been given a key for the bathrooms (boys/girls) nearest to his/her classroom.

I zip-tied mine to a small, green flyswatter that I got from my local pest control company.  I’d gone in to pay my bill when I noticed a cup of them on the counter, branded with the company’s logo.

Each teacher has a unique bathroom pass.  I’ve seen everything from a frisbee to a football.

I’ve guarded my key like a watchman guards Fort Knox.

The key only disappeared once, and that was when a student put it in a different place in my room.

Until yesterday…

When that situation occurred…

That I had no control over…

And later overreacted about…

And regretted…

And apologized for…

And talked to my sister and God about…

And gleaned great understanding about myself in the process.

This morning when I walked into my classroom, I saw the empty hook where the key used to hang, and though I was still a little annoyed, I’d seen the bigger picture and was determined to focus on that and not let Satan throw me off of my game.

First period came and went, and nobody went to the bathroom.

Hey, I thought, maybe NOT having a key is good.  I have an excuse not to let kids leave the room (let’s face it…REAL emergencies are one thing…most people CAN hold it).

Third period rolled around, and the kids quickly began asking for the key.

Tough tooties, I told them.  The key had gone missing.

I took attendance, making a special note of one of my female students who wasn’t there.

She came in tardy and handed me something that was wrapped in several pieces of notebook paper and stapled closed.

She walked back to her desk, looking over her shoulder the entire way.

I wondered what it was as I eagerly tore through the papers, not bothering to remove the staples.

My student ambled back to my desk (everyone else was reading silently).

“Uh, Mrs. AuburnChick, you really should read the paper.”

Um, okay…guess I messed that up, I thought, as I tried to piece the papers together while still unwrapping the “gift.”

My curiosity about what was inside won out, and I said, to myself, the heck with what was written.

I held my breath as I kept unrolling the paper…

Scarcely daring to breath.

Could it be??

But how in the world??

Sure enough.

When I finally got to the package’s innards, this was inside…

I looked up at my student in surprise, and she was grinning from ear to ear.

Then she told me her story.

She was in the hallway when she saw a boy holding a green flyswatter.

“Hey!  That’s my teacher’s key!” she said.

I interrupted her story by asking if he gave it to her.

“No,” she said.  “I took it from him.”


That’s my girl.

I don’t know what happened to the flyswatter.  It wasn’t attached to the key when she gave it to me.

I suspect that the two made a deal that he could keep the swatter, and she would return the key to me.

I didn’t care.

I had my key.

I jumped out of my seat and wrapped my arms around this precious child, chanting over and over, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”


It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

But really, it was actually a big thing to me.

I felt, in that moment, that God was smiling down on me…chuckling the whole time…enjoying what He had orchestrated.

I felt that this was God’s way of saying, “Hey AuburnChick.  You made progress yesterday.  You let go by realizing what was really important.  And because you did, I’m going to give you what you THOUGHT was important.”

There are people in this world who doubt the existence of a God who is personally interested and involved in our lives.

I’ve never doubted.

Not that He’s there (although I have questioned the “whys” of a situation or two).

God is REAL.

God reaches out to us…

Especially when we let go of the things that are keeping us from knowing His truths, however great or small those may be at the moment.

Some people may laugh off something like this.

Not me.

Though it was one small key, it was yet another BIG moment in my life when God showed me, in a very tangible way, that He loves me…that He knows every thought I have…every worry…every doubt…every angst.

Thank you, Lord.

All glory and honor to You.

3 Responses

  1. He hears all prayers (big or small) and answers them when the time is right.

  2. I just love it when God does stuff like that!!

  3. He is so awesome! Whether big or small He is always there!
    until next time…nel

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