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  • “Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” — Isaac Asimov

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Oh, I had grand plans for last night.

They were going to be so exciting…

An evening spent with my Reading Endorsement notebook and assignment.

I’d finished the reading during the independent reading time that my students did at the beginning of class.

Yes, I was going to be a good girl and turn in my assignment a few days early.

And then…

I ran an errand…

And got a wee bit sidetracked…

By this sign…

I just had to get out of the car, don’t you know…

And check out something that Chicky had put a bug in my ear about…

And then the justifying began.

My current phone was constantly running low on memory no matter how many apps I uninstalled.

Calls were getting dropped.

Yada, yada, yada.

I liked the 32gb because I believe in going big or going home.

Uh huh.

There was only one left.

It must have been a sign from God.

That’s what I told myself…

As I said “Yes” to the iPhone 4s (see how that rhymes).

Uh huh.

I was in and out of Best Buy lickety-split, new phone in hand, heart pounding at the thought of going home and trying to explain myself.

And that’s when the fun…errrr derailment…really got underway.

I did, after all, have to learn how to use the thing…transfer contacts (which Best Buy couldn’t do)…set up my email…learn how to print wirelessly (cough, cough).  Important stuff, mind you.

Thanks to my googling prowess, I found the answers to all of my questions.

I found this app to create my own ringtones from the songs I already have in iTunes.

I’m smart like that.

I set up my immediate family’s names to ring through uniquely (can you say Hips Don’t Lie, Time of Your Life, and Blessed in the respective order of The Mr., Chicky, and Rooster).

I’m cool like that.

Oh, and my generic ringtone is This is the Time of Your Life by Michael W. Smith.

I do like my Christian music (don’t think Shakira fits into that genre though).


So, that assignment I was going to do.

Um, yeah.

I think I’ll be busy during my planning period today.

Gotta get it done in a timely manner because another, more important, female distraction is headed my way.

One hint:  Think “soccer player.”

:::happy dance:::

One Response

  1. We’re looking at it too… I need a smart phone… my little ancient (2 years old) phone is horrible… I love 2 yrs old is ancient 🙂

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