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Four Phones in Four Days

On Friday, I posted about buying myself a new iPhone.

Well, Chicky came home Friday afternoon, and it was time to upgrade her phone as well.

She’d been drooling over the iPhone ever since our extended family members got theirs last Christmas.

She, Rooster, and I drove to Best Buy, and wouldn’t you know it, but the same associates were there.  It was slightly embarrassing to be there again, but they laughed it off.  Processing my order went a lot quicker.

While we were waiting for the phone to be activated, Rooster started taking a look at the phones on display.

I could see the wheels in his head turning, but there was no way I was paying for another iPhone that day.

Insert Daddy…

As in Rooster talking to Daddy the next day…

About Daddy paying for a new phone…

And us driving to Best Buy straight from the movie theater.

Yes, Saturday found us BACK at Best Buy, with the same associates, buying another iPhone 4s.

While the three of us were talking about and playing with our new phones, the Mr. was sitting by…stewing a bit.

Enter Sunday afternoon, after church…during lunch.

The Mr. started asking questions about the iPhone…can it do such-and-such and such-and-such.

We could all see the wheels in HIS head turning…

Which is why…

We found ourselves driving…

To Best Buy later that day…

And finding the SAME associates on duty…

Chuckling as we walked in…

To purchase our fourth iPhone.

One could have accused us of stalking the Best Buy employees.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

It was the technology we were after.

We are now the proud owners of four iPhones.

Call us crazy, if you will.

I’d like to think that we have a new family motto:  “The family that plays on their iPhones together is the family that stays together.”

Lame, eh?

But still fun.

We ‘re having a blast sharing the apps we’re finding, how to make our own ringtones (I figured out that one), and how to take screenshots of our phones.

Fun times indeed!!

The phones in order from left to right: The Mr.’s, Chicky’s, Mine, and Rooster’s.  Don’t you think our wallpaper says a lot about who we are as individuals???

2 Responses

  1. Just think of all the facetime you guys can have now!! How fuN!!

  2. Yep…your lives will be forever changed from this point on! 🙂

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