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Gambit Gives Us a Scare

This past weekend was full of excitement…

The movie…

New phones…

Gambit getting sick.

Um, yeah.

Gambit decided not to eat all day Saturday.  His tummy was rumbling too.

I figured he’d gotten a hold of something outside, so I wasn’t too stressed about it.  I did put him in my room to sleep because I wanted to keep a closer watch over him.  He slept like a log.

The next morning was a little different.

He still wouldn’t eat, but again, I wasn’t overly worried.

However, when I started to put him in his crate so I could go to church, I noticed blood on the floor.

It had come from him.

He’d been having loose stools the day before.

Oh gosh, it was awful!

I knew that my local PetSmart had a veterinary clinic, so after checking the internet for office hours, I decided to skip church and take him in.

Quite honestly, I was afraid he had Parvo.

See, I’d done a bad thing and never gotten him his shots after we “adopted” him.

Bad, bad, bad.

I know.

I kept thinking about making the appointment but life got ahead of me.


I figured he either had Parvo or some other intestinal parasite.

Chicky went with me to the vet, and we waited nervously for the results of the stool culture to come back.

The vet, a lovely young lady, came into the room smiling from ear to ear.

The tests were NEGATIVE!

The vet told us that he probably has a case of Colitis…that he ate something that created small perforations in his colon (hence the large amount of blood).

Time, soft food, and lots of medication will help him heal over the next two weeks…

He’s getting probiotics to restore the flora in his colon, and I’m also administering anti-diarrhea medicine to the little guy to help him get back on track on that end of things (pun intended).

Oh, and before I walked out, I made sure he’d been given his immunizations!  We’ll go back in three weeks for a booster.

Once again, I am so grateful to God for tending to even these kinds of crises and for allowing my sweet little Gambit to be okay.

4 Responses

  1. So glad this has a happy ending! I worry about our 2 dogs almost as much as I worry about my girls. I really hate it when they’re sick.

  2. So glad he’s okay. That’s a scary thing! I’ve gotta get Laika to the vet very soon!

  3. Poor Gambit. Hope he’s feeling better real soon!

  4. Poor baby. Hope he’s better. I have a naughty one who eats anything and everything.

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