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A Chance Encounter

Sometimes all it takes is a chance encounter to lift you out of the doldrums of self-pity.

Yeah, I’ll admit that I went down that path with yesterday’s post.

That’s what happens when you combine PMS with a college child who should be staying home for the summer but instead is going back to school to attend summer session.  Added to that mix is a holiday that I loathe…Mother’s Day…and all of the expectations that accompany it (sorry if that sounds harsh, but as I’ve mentioned a time or two, I have issues…a few of them).

So, yesterday morning found me in a less-than-happy mood.

Talking to a friend at work didn’t help that much…especially when her own mother texted her during our conversation.

It was one more reminder of what I don’t have with my own mother and my own child.


I taught first period and then left to run a couple of errands.  While I was out and about, I ran into my friend, Angie.  Yes, she’s THE Angie who surprised me with a funny card and a generous gift.

She has quite the gift for gab, and we stood outside, both on our way to our cars, and chatted…for a while.

Her youngest daughter will be heading to college in a few months, and she has an older one who’s been in school for a few years now.

She and I laughed as we commiserated with each other regarding our childrearing woes.

By the time we parted ways, I felt as if my burdens had lifted.

Some people might consider this a chance encounter.

I know it had been the Lord, arranging our day to intersect with each other.

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