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She’s My Baby


It’s the figurative language device I’m teaching my students right now.

Yesterday, I told them that we personify everything.  Personification is sprinkled throughout our conversations, literature, advertising, and even music!

Last night, personification took on a very personal meaning when my baby got sick.

No, it wasn’t Chicky.  She’s back at school.

It wasn’t Rooster either.  He’s away with a few church members…preparing a camp location for the students who will bombard it in a few short weeks.

It wasn’t even one of my furry babies.  Gambit seems to be doing a lot better thanks to the extra TLC he’s receiving.


My baby…well…it’s this…

I’ve had the 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro since 2006 when I went back to college to finish up my Bachelor’s degree.

On Sunday, she completely shut down on me…when I was in the middle of composing a document.

As her mother, I know her nuances, and starting her back up was challenging.

I sensed something sinister amiss; however, she recovered, and we proceeded as before.

Then last night, I was working on a Reading Endorsement assignment (I have two left for this class), when she shut down AGAIN!!

This time things were not okay.

She started up, but she wouldn’t go past the Apple logo.

Oh my gosh.

Nothing makes me crazier than when one of my babies is sick.

As if she were a human or fur baby, I immediately went to the internet for assistance.

What I read wasn’t good.

I tried a few “fixes,” but my baby was a little too sick for the remedies to work.

Finally, after popping in my software CD, I found the disk utility program and did the unthinkable.

I reset her.

I’d been backing up my files; however, my last backup was in early April.


Still, something was better than nothing.

Within a couple of hours, I had my baby up and running as before.

Yet, I, being a worry wort and a bit of a hoverer, am holding my breath every time I turn on the computer.

I know her hard drive is on its last legs.

I don’t relish the thought of replacing it.

I mean, she’s six years old!!

I’ve already had the keyboard, logic board, battery, and other things replaced.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Lord performed a miracle last night, and that she, like a cancer patient who outlives a dire prognosis, will continue to keep on ticking for a few more years.

She’s got to, or else I’ll be devastated.

She is, after all, another one of my babies.

3 Responses

  1. I hope your “baby” stays well for you.

  2. Fingers crossed that she recovers and stays that way 🙂

  3. There hasn’t been a post on a new laptop, so I take it that she’s better! Don’t forget to back her up! 🙂

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