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I’ll Take Two To Go

Dear Chick fil A,

As I was picking up breakfast yesterday, I came up with a unique way for you to increase your revenues.

It’s very simple, if you think about it.

It only requires you to  add a little something to the menu…

So that the next time I pull up, I can order the following…

Hash browns, orange juice, and two Midol.


See, women have those kinds of days…

Where they walk out of the house without the essentials…

And don’t have planning until 9am…

And must thus be forced to suffer needlessly…

When a trip through a drive-thru would have fixed all of that.

Listen to your patrons.

We’re the ones driving out of our way to spend our money at your fabulous establishment.

Thanks for listening.


One Response

  1. AMEN!!! I keep a bottle in my work bag!:)

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