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Overlooking the Details

As a reading teacher, I’m tasked with helping students master the art of comprehending text.

Though this was my first year teaching reading, it quickly became apparent that students frequently overlook details in text…seemingly small details that can open up the entire meaning of a particular piece of text.

With that said, I recently became aware of how unobservant I am…often missing the smallest details when looking at things that are right in front of me.

I can thank my “aha” moment to a free little game I downloaded to my iPhone…Logos Quiz.

In this game, the player is shown pictures of recognizable logos, with various clues edited out to make the guessing game more difficult.

Some of the logos are easy.

Many, though, are not.

What is the most fun/frustrating part of the game is KNOWING that you’ve seen the logo SOMEWHERE.  Trying to pull the location from the various depths of your brain can get…um…infuriating.  heehee

You earn clues as you solve logos.

I didn’t realize how easily I was overlooking the logos in the print around me until one day when I was thumbing through my current issue of People Magazine.  All of a sudden, I saw a logo I’d been wondering about for a while.  It was very faintly drawn on the page, but it was there alright.

I eagerly yet carefully turned each page of that magazine, as well as the three other ones on the table, looking at EVERY SINGLE THING on the pages of advertisements.

I caught a few.

I also started paying attention to business signage when out and about running errands.

What an eye-opener!!  I never realized how many logos there were!

Not only that, but I started looking at the logos on cars because automotive logos are huge in this game, and I am not a car girl, let me tell you.

My lack of observational skills extends to television as well.

How many times do you “watch” TV, looking at it but not really “looking” at it.

I do this ALL THE TIME!

Well, a couple of days ago, I was “watching” TV with Rooster when I noticed one of the logos that I’d been stuck on in the game.

It was for Fiat.

I loved hearing the Ding after I entered the correct answer and resolved that logo!

I love this game and the implications and applications I can make outside of the game.

I’m seriously considering creating bellwork for next year’s students in which I take pictures of local logos, remove key identifying information, and have them figure out what they go to…as an object lesson on paying close attention to the things that are right in front of them.

I’ve gotta tell you that I’m also a little convicted when I think about the deeper implications of this game.

How often do I miss key details about people…because I didn’t listen close enough or look them in the eyes for visual clues as to how they are feeling?

Something else I’ve been mulling over is the connection between logos and the businesses they represent.

I wonder what kind of logo I would create for myself…or what kind of logo someone else would associate with ME.

Tough questions.

Convicting questions.

Deep questions.

All because of one simple little game.

I wonder why I overlook details.

I think I know the answer.


That I think I don’t have…

To slow down, notice the little things, and really “see” the whole picture.

What about you?

Are you running so hard through life that you fail to overlook the small details?

We need to give ourselves permission to, at times, stroll a bit, open our ears to listen, and focus our eyes to really SEE what’s in front of us. 

I think we’ll find a whole nuther world waiting to be discovered!

2 Responses

  1. I’m probably the least observant person out there, but yet I noticed YS’s dash blinking when I drove his car yesterday and he said he hadn’t noticed it! 🙂

  2. Good post. It is hard to notice the small details because we are surrounded with so much stimuli. I would not do well on your logo quiz.

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