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Yes, I know that I’ve been MIA since Wednesday.

What can I say?

The end of the school year is kicking my rear end.  Whew!  I thought this was when we teachers got to catch our breaths.


Since last Friday, I’ve spent over ten hours grading!

I’m also starting the not-so-fun business of dismantling my classroom.  The reading teachers have been told that we are changing classrooms next year and that everything must be packed before we leave.

I’ve been so busy teaching that I haven’t had time to start…until this afternoon after school, when I spent an hour taking things off of my wall.  I plan on going in tomorrow (Saturday) to begin the laborious task of packing books.

I’m keeping things in perspective, though.  I am SOOOOO thankful to be returning to my school in August that changing classrooms is a temporary stitch in my side that I can easily get over.


Meanwhile, as you know, we celebrated Rooster’s 18th birthday this week.

What a fiasco that started out to be.

I’m not sure why, but Rooster was not a happy guy when I got home from work on Wednesday.  I think he felt like nobody had made a big deal about his birthday since he had to be home by himself while the Mr. and I worked.

Rooster was g-r-u-m-p-y and announced that he would be helping out with the youth at church (while his friends were walking the stage at the graduation HE should have been attending) and oh, by the way, he would probably stop by the stadium to watch his friends walk.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While he denied me the privilege of watching HIM walk, he wanted to watch his FRIENDS walk.

It was not a good time to be in the Chickster household, let me tell you.

I vacillated  between being angry and hurt.

Then, I sat down to grade.

Things turned around about an hour later when he walked back in the door and said that he’d been bored at church.

Um, yeah…that’s probably because your FRIENDS were getting ready for GRADUATION!!


He decided that he wanted to go out to eat for his birthday.

We took him to our favorite hibachi restaurant and had a grand old time.

When we returned home, he departed for the stadium.


I don’t know if I’ll ever fully forgive him for denying me the honor and right of watching him walk.

He’ll find out just how long I can hold a grudge when my will is read after my death.

I think I’ll leave his portion of my estate to his high school…as a scholarship for a graduate who can’t afford graduation expenses…maybe pay for his or her mama’s dress so she can look real pretty while she watches her baby walk across the stage.


Anyhoo, off he went.  He followed that up with ice cream with his graduating friends and then Project Graduation, which was held at one of my church’s campuses.

Thursday, after school, the three of us headed out of town for a quick trip to watch my nephew, Music Man, graduate from high school.

Yes, Super Sis and I decided to have babies, way back when, three months apart from each other.

Her boy, unlike mine, walked that stage, allowing her to have a memory she’ll treasure for a lifetime…

Psst…he’s the one in the green cap.


We got home really late, but the dogs were fine.  I’d arranged for a young man who graduated with Chicky to watch my fur babies.  They quickly took to him…he’s great with animals.

Then, today, I got up at my regular time and headed back to school, determined not to allow my students to get out of hand.  With 1.5 days left until the end of school, the natives are getting restless…as are the teachers.

Next week promises to be somewhat hectic as well.

School ends at 11:30 on Tuesday, and teachers go in for one full workday the next day.  Then, we are finished.

However, I will be starting my third Reading Endorsement class, “Assessment,” on Monday.

Please say a prayer.  It’s one of the toughest classes in this certification program.  It’s ten weeks and will end the week before school starts back.

Aren’t I lucky?

Yes, actually I am.


So, forgive my waywardness of late.  Though the summer will not bring much relief in the way of stress, at least I can be stressed out while sitting around in my pajamas.


One Response

  1. Just think: in a few short years, you’ll be at Auburn watching him walk across that stage! And it will be that much more special! 🙂
    Packing isn’t fun, is it? But, it’s good in a way because you also get rid of unused/unneeded stuff in your closets.
    I’m not concerned a bit about that class you have to take: I bet you get an “A”! 😀

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