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Ten Commandments for a Teacher on Summer Vacation

There should be a list of Ten Commandments for teachers who are on summer vacation.

Here are my suggestions for just such a list.

  1. Thou shalt have a conversation with the fur babies the night prior to the commencement of summer vacation explaining that there is no need to awaken at O’Dark’Thirty…that sleeping in until 9am is the new rule.
  2. Thou shalt not set the alarm, with the exception for Sundays when one needs to get up in time for church.
  3. Thou shalt schedule lunch with a friend a minimum of once a week to ensure interaction with human beings continues.
  4. Thou shalt only plan to accomplish one small thing each day.  Multi-tasking is strictly forbidden during this time of rest.
  5. Thou shalt read at least one inspirational teacher book during the break..one slow chapter at a time to fully appreciate the lessons imparted by said book.
  6. Thou shalt let the past school year remain in the past, with the exception of a brief time of introspection that is NOT to include beating one’s self over the head for mistakes made.
  7. Thou shalt temporarily forget such acronyms as FCAT, IPDP, IEP, and ESOL, to name only a few.
  8. Thou shalt take at least one nap per day…two if necessary…to catch up on the sleep one missed while working 70+ hours the previous ten months.
  9. Thou shalt sit and look at one’s children in the eyes without looking at email or lesson plans…having deep, meaningful conversations that you actually remember the details of after said children walk away.
  10. Thou shalt thank the Lord at least once each day for His provisions and for placing you in one of the most honorable and satisfying professions in existence…knowing that you were privileged to have an impact on hundreds of children’s lives this past school year.

You know…I actually have an 11th commandment that’s worthy of being included.

11.  Thou shalt pray each day for the new group of students that will walk through your door in August…that this summer would prepare you and them for the year that lies ahead.

3 Responses

  1. Great list! I should print it and hang it up because I break a lot of these commandments daily!

  2. I love it!! Hope you have an awesome summer! You deserve it 🙂

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