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Why, I Oughtta…


Anyone who has to wake up before dawn to head into work will understand the anguish of being woken up early when you’re on vacation.

My alarm goes off at 5am on school days.  Hence my love of weekends and vacations when I can sleep in.

A little something happened, though, that has changed my happiness.

Don’t let his cuteness fool you.

He’s a young pup with tons of energy…

Granted, he has settled down quite a bit since his earliest days in our home, but still, this dog is one who NEEDS human interaction.

Thus, when he sees even a sliver of light coming through the blinds in the morning, he’s awake.

And he’s not alone.

I think he’s at the head of a conspiracy to not let me enjoy my summer mornings!

It’s as if the dogs have a meeting of the minds, telepathically of course, and then, as if they practiced all Spring for it, they POUNCE…

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but it’s the best I could do given my sleepy state and the way in which I was pinned to the bed by the subjects in the photo.

Gambit is not merely content with waking me up.

Oh no.

He has total disregard for personal space and doesn’t recognize that what he’s stepping on, lying across, or jumping on is my body…which in comparison to the ratio between his body size and weight is quite small.

Being grumpy doesn’t help.

The guy won’t take no for an answer, despite all of my attempts to turn my head this way and that to give him the silent treatment.

He nudges his head under my arm…finds some tiny opening…and squeezes in…

I really oughtta wallop him.

Instead, I cave and give him the love he so desperately wants and needs.

This is my baby from the streets…finding me when he had nobody else.

I find him extremely difficult to resist.

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