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AuburnChick Begins a New Project

I don’t have castonitis, I promise I don’t.

Not familiar with this knitterly condition?

Well, it’s something that happens to a knitter when he/she buys new yarn or sees a pattern that simply begs to be knit up.  This knitter might have a project…or two…or ten (in the case of my friend, Christina) already on the needles, but casting on another project becomes the knitter’s main focus.

I’ve proudly been a monogamous knitter for nearly all of my knitting career.  It hasn’t mattered that I’ve bought lots of lovely yarn along the way.  I’ve hardly ever been tempted to set my needles down in favor of another project.

Despite my good reputation, the actions I’m about to speak of might sound a bit suspicious.

You might remember that I recently told you about my cross-county trek…during which I purchased this lovely Malabrigo lace…

My plans were to knit Omelet, a pattern that I believe I discovered by reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog.

Well, I was going to have to wait because I had another project on my needles…had been working on it since March.


And that is one big HOWEVER…

I had long suspected that my project wasn’t going to work out.

It was a pair of socks, and though I rarely mess up on socks, I’d long feared that the pattern was not a good match with the yarn.

Despite using size 0 needles and making the smallest size in the pattern, the sock I was knitting was turning out too large.

I’d gotten through the heel turn and was beginning the leg when I stalled…


Until, coincidentally, I saw that pattern and later bought that pink yarn.

Being a girl who usually makes up her mind quickly, I decided to do something I hardly ever do.

I frogged that sock.

I felt a little guilty as I did so.

All that work…down the toilet…although I’d learned a couple of lessons along the way.

Sorry, but I don’t have pictures.  I could not bring myself to capture the moment forever on digital film.

That was the only sad part of my evening because shortly thereafter, after gathering my tools of the trade, I wound the first skein of the pink Malabrigo and cast on.

The shawl starts off with a provisional cast on.  I’ve cast on this way before but usually used the crochet method.  This time, I attempted to do it using the link the pattern provided.

Oh, how I struggled.

I could not get the cast on to work!!!

I googled and tried following instructions.

Nothing worked.

Finally, I changed out my waste yarn…used a scrap of Peaches ‘n Cream…and a size 6 needle (twice as large as the one I’m using for the pattern)…and watched this video…

After watching, stopping, rewinding, and re-watching…at least ten times…I got it!

I worked twenty-six rows of Chart A before heading to bed…

I’m loving this pattern and especially the yarn!  I think it’s going to be a great pairing, and I can’t wait to see its progress!

One Response

  1. This is going to be a gorgeous shawl. I don’t understand why the pattern uses a provisional cast on. What are your thoughts on why it does?

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