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So Delicious

As a person who makes a lot of effort to make healthy choices, I’m sometimes frustrated by the lack of vegan-friendly dishes.

Oh, I’ve ranted about this before, but with the summer here and time on my hands, it’s something that has been frustrating me even more often of late.

Sometimes it gets to the point where I’d rather skip meals than try to find something that fits the lifestyle I’ve chosen.

The Mr. knows this tendency of mine and does a good job of making sure I get in at least one good square meal per day.

He has to watch what he eats as well because, for the last 20+ years, he has suffered from Crohn’s Disease.

He’s also lactose intolerant…the same as me.

Though he hasn’t adopted my vegan diet (try finding food to fit both of our lifestyles!), he’s trying to make healthier choices of late.


And that is one big HOWEVER…

We’ve both been missing something lately…


The last time Chicky was home, we took the kids to a local ice cream parlor.  I randomly asked if they offered a soy alternative.

They had a watermelon sorbet.

Though it was too sweet for my taste…just not to my liking…the Mr. LOVED it!  It was the closest thing to ice cream he’d had in years!

Ever since that time, we’ve been on a mission…

To find ice cream alternatives that we can eat.

We searched the shops at the mall on our beach, but we couldn’t find anything that suited us.

Then, purely by chance, we came across this in the frozen aisle of Walmart…

Although it wasn’t cheap, we snatched it up and raced home…eager to dig in before it melted.

We were hesitant though.

I don’t know if any of my couple of readers out there are lactose intolerant, but if you’re not, let me explain that any time a person who cannot process lactose ingests something that has this in it…well…it’s not good.  In fact, try to think of a stomach virus that keeps you tied to the porcelain throne.

It’s that bad.

I’ve had to call in sick to work before when one of my episodes was so bad.

So, it was with trepidation that we took a small spoonful of the stuff.

Plus, we weren’t sure if we were going to like it.  We’d never had anything made with coconut milk.

Let me just tell you that I do believe we heard the Coconut Milk Angels singing a beautiful aria when that spoonful hit our mouths.

Still, we were cautious.  The Mr. was so frightened that he allowed me to be the guinea pig.  He waited to see how my body would react to the few spoonfuls I added to a bowl.


All he missed out on was a serving of the stuff.  I didn’t get sick.

The next time we were out and about near Publix, we stopped in and, lo and behold, we saw a chocolate version of the stuff.




Can you say YUM????

Fortune smiled upon me yesterday when I stopped at a different Publix and found this…

The stuff is divine, even if it is a wee bit sweet.  I won’t be having large servings, that’s for sure, but it is a fun treat to have.

Finding this stuff soothed away my frustration when I stopped at a local cupcake place to inquire about vegan cupcakes.

Apparently Podunk USA doesn’t have a large enough vegan population to warrant this shop baking up a batch or two to set out for sale every day.

The owner informed me that, “Kids would be turned off if they heard the words ‘Vegan-Friendly’ in conjunction with cupcake.”


It was good enough for more than one contestant to win on Cupcake Wars.


Oh.  I’m sorry.  I’m digressing.

At least y’all won’t fuss at me…unlike other people in my real life who don’t like my meandering conversation.


What’s the point of this post?

That if you are looking for a healthier alternative for dessert, try the So Delicious brand of treats.  No, the company isn’t paying me to give it this free advertising, although a teacher with a couple of student loans certainly wouldn’t turn down a little extra $$ if offered.


But I digress…again.

Anyhoo…pick up a canister…or don’t.  There will be more for me if you don’t, but you’ll be missing out on a delightful dessert!

2 Responses

  1. that actually sounds really good, and CH wouldn’t eat it because he’s allergic to coconut! 😉

  2. I’ll have to look for that. Sometimes lactose bothers me a little, sometimes a lot. But the times I’ve tried coconut milk, I’ve felt great and yes, it also tastes really good to me. I will suggest this to my lactose intolerant people I know who are looking for yummy alternatives.

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