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How Many Football Players Does It Take to Move a Table?

Yesterday, I headed into school to move the stuff from my classroom to my new room.

It was a task that I was not looking forward to, let me tell you.

I think I’m allergic to manual labor.


Dancing Girl, one of Rooster’s friends (and my other “daughter”) met me there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a cadre of young people from a local church’s youth group.  The kids were painting the hallways in my building, and one adult corralled a few gentlemen to help me out.

It was hard work, let me tell you, but the kids NEVER complained as they made trip after trip from one room to another.

My old classroom was clear across campus from the new room.

Just my luck, eh?

What really stunk, though, was discovering that my new classroom still had the other teacher’s stuff in it.


I was so ready to begin setting my things up!

I wound up scattering my things here and there, trying my best to keep my boxes up front with the Smart board.

Around 10:00, I got some additional helpers…

Five football players!!

They were mostly incoming ninth graders, one tenth grader, and one senior.

They probably looked at me and thought I’d be kind to them.

I was nice, but I was also a taskmaster!

I had those guys carrying desks, tables, and bookcases.

The computer tables were heavy, let me tell you, and the guys had to take a few rests along the way.

They had, after all, just spent a couple of hours lifting weights in the weight room.


The funniest part of the morning was when I instructed the guys to move my guided reading table.

This table must weigh nearly one hundred pounds.  I kid you not!

It’s also odd-shaped.

I assured the guys that the table would fit through the door without removing the hardware.

I wish you could have seen them as they argued about how to get that table through the door.

Oh my word.

It was quite the object lesson in how people go about problem-solving.

Once they got the table out of my classroom, they thought the hard part was over.

It wasn’t.

They had to walk all the way to the new classroom.

They were pooped after their workout.

By the time they got to the other building, there were five boys carrying that table.

I tried to take a picture of them, but I was laughing as I walked behind them and couldn’t quite get the picture.

When we finished, I turned in my key for my old room and the desk and rolling cart.

I was a little wistful as I bade goodbye to Room 1204.  It looked kind of sad to see me go too…certainly not the room it was at the height of activity during the school year…

If walls could talk, they’d speak of much laughter, some frustrations, and a lot of learning.

Soon, other classes will fill this room.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in room 148…creating new memories with the students that the Lord sends my way…

I can hardly wait!

4 Responses

  1. The teacher whose room you are moving to looks like she’s in denial about moving. I can’t believe she hadn’t packed anything up!

  2. The summer custodians moved all the things for the staff in my school. We were not allowed to set up our rooms until early August because they moved EVERYTHING into the hallway to deep clean the classrooms.

  3. I will be switching rooms this August too. Looks like I need to start recruiting my moving crew! I am sure your room will feel like “home” in no time.

  4. Boy…do I understand what you’re feeling about this time!!! I would have croaked…hehehe….if the lady before me hadn’t cleaned out the room yet!:) I’m sure you are handling it well.:) I can’t wait to see it all set-up and ready to go!:)

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