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No, It Is Not Okay

Dear Chicky,

I know you’re trying to be smart by taking summer college classes.  You even got free housing the first three weeks because you took a face-to-face class and that was the school’s reward.

I know you’re trying to be mature by getting a just-about-full-time-job and moving into an apartment with a friend for the last two months of school…just so that you’ll be able to graduate a semester early next year.


And that is one large BUT, and I’m not talking the bootie-shaking kind…

I must tell you, emphatically, that no, it is not okay to ride your bike four miles to work…

At 4am…

Otherwise known as O’Dark’Thirty…

Just because you’re short of money and don’t want to ask us, your parents, to cover you until payday.

(Bet you weren’t planning on wearing a helmet either.)

Maybe you think this is a way you’ll show how grown up you are…taking care of your own problems…but as your mother, I see larger, potential problems if you follow through on such musings…

Like the plan-a-funeral kind of problem…

Because someone has kidnapped and done horrible things to my trying-to-be-a-big-girl Chicky.

That is why I am so glad that you happened to mention your plans to me yesterday on the phone, and I was able to stop you from carrying out this madness.

Please try to do something when making decisions of this sort:

Think like a mama.

Examine the issue from a mama’s eyes.

And ask yourself, “Is there potential for danger (I’m not talking the falling-out-of-bed kind)?  Am I setting myself up for someone to do physical harm to me?”

If the answers to the questions are “Yes,” then step away from your proposed solution and call home.

That’s why I pay your cell phone bill.

So you can.

While using up our unlimited minutes.

Or send a text.

Or Facetime me.

Hey, now that’s a thought.  Do Facetime so you can see my WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING OF face when you propose your plans.

That, my dear, is my lovingly administered advice for the day.



4 Responses

  1. Oh my! MY momma eyes nearly popped out of my head, and I’m not even her momma!!! SO thankful that a new plan is in place! Being married to a state trooper, I’m probably a little over cautious at times. But that had all the earmarks of a disaster!

  2. Listen to your mamma, Chicky!

  3. Hey, I’m impressed that she didn’t want to ask you for $. OS is STILL asking for us to fill up his gas tank. *sigh*

  4. So glad she mentioned it so we didn’t have to hear about her on the news. Glad she wants to be independant but more glad she is safe.

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