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Please Pray for Madison

Yesterday evening, one of our town’s young adults got into a terrible car accident.

Chicky had just come home for the weekend, and the family was headed out to dinner when we saw two ambulances pass us by, sirens flashing.

We had no idea they were on their way to the accident.

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that Rooster texted me from church and told me that this young lady, Madison, was in the hospital and the prognosis was not good.

Madison just finished her first year at our local state college.  Her parents are teachers at the high school that Chicky and Rooster attended.  In fact, both of my children have had them as teachers, and I subbed for them frequently.  They have a son who was in Rooster’s graduating class.

Chicky and I prayed for Madison before I headed to the hospital.

When I got there, it seemed as if half of the school and faculty were there.

Madison is on a ventilator.  She broke her neck in the accident.

The situation is dire.

Her parents came into the waiting room and made their way around.

As I hugged Madison’s mom, I was astounded when I heard her first words to me, “How’s Chicky?”

Instead of thinking of herself, she asked about my girl.

That’s how she is.

That’s how Madison is.

Then, her mom asked, “How’s Guy Friend?”

Those have also been the questions she’s greeted me with ever since the kids graduated.  She adores them both.

She puts kids first.

My heart is breaking for this family.  Watching Madison’s parents try to be strong during what is the most gut-wrenching experience is difficult.

Please pray for Madison.

I’m not a doctor, but I am a gal who has faith that God is bigger than the circumstances that are surrounding this precious girl and her family.

Please pray for them…for healing…for strength…and for trust in whatever comes to pass.

2 Responses

  1. Prayers for Madison and all her friends and family. Holding you in my heart today. xoxo

  2. Praying! It’s so difficult to see loved ones suffering.

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