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Leaving a Legacy

Yesterday, at 5am, Madison’s family bid her goodbye as she was wheeled to an operating room where teams of transplant surgeons awaited her arrival.

According to those who knew her best, Madison wanted to be an organ donor, and her parents honored her request.

Thanks to their selfless decision, six people in six different states will benefit from this tragedy.

Can you believe it?

Six lives changed…improved.

Six families that won’t have to bid farewell to their own loved ones.

Six families that will celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions together.

Because of one young lady.

Many people become squeamish when they think of organ donation.  Some cannot fathom the thought of their bodies or that of their loved ones being cut open in such a way.

Let me tell you that I witnessed Madison’s parents going through various stages of shock and grief, and one of the few bright spots on the early, darkest days, were when they discussed donating Madison’s heart and, possibly, other organs.

They longed for good to come from their loss.  They wanted Madison’s generous heart to give life to another person.

Madison’s family was able to donate much more than her heart.  Mr. W captured the following shot of an ambulance carrying the first of her organs to the airport…enroute to another hospital…another patient awaiting the answer to a much-longed-for miracle…

Did you just get chills?

I know that I did when I saw it posted on Facebook last night.

I can almost picture God’s angels accompanying the ambulance, flying alongside keeping silent watch.

If you haven’t given serious consideration to becoming an organ donor, please stop and think about it.

You can designate yourself as an organ donor on your drivers license.

Some states, including Florida, have registries.

Put your heebeejeebies aside and sign up.

You’re not going to need your body where you’ll be going anyhow.

Might as well put those parts to good use, eh?

Thanks for honoring Madison’s life.

Let’s let this be her legacy.

7 Responses

  1. I first saw Madison’s image and knew…just knew this would be a heartbreaking, AND a heart warming post. The photo of the ambulance just blew me away and now I’m trying to type through the tears.

  2. Oh my gosh.. I totally got chills… I just see her life living on with that ambulance going down a new road… bringing life to someone else. WOW… just WOW…

    I so believe in organ donation. You dont need it where you’re going – why not let someone else keep living? I’m sure it does bring some sort of comfort for her family to know that good has come out of a horrific event. Maybe one day they can even meet the recipients & witness a life still going on due to their decisions.

  3. God Bless Madison’s family for sharing the gift of life at this difficult time.

    While it is easy to check the box on your driver’s license application to become a donor, it is even more important to inform your family of your decision and your wishes. Preparing your family for the possibility now makes their ultimate decision easier.

  4. What a wonderful legacy.

  5. This brought me to tears. I am looking at her picture and seeing beauty beyond words. As a mother I cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child. Nothing. But we are all in agreement that if our bodies can be given to save or better someone elses’s life when we go, then that’s a gift we gladly give. Prayers and love to the parents and you and your community who have lost a precious girl.

  6. I am sincerely saddened by your loss but so appreciative of the giving hearts that decided to donate their loved one’s organs. I am a nurse who works with organ procurements when they occur at our hospital and I am honored to be present in a very important event that is so unselfish and giving. Know that we respect that person even tho they have left this world and a moment of silence and respect is paid before the procedure.

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Madison and a call to others to be as selfless and giving as her family in this difficult time.

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