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Not So Honest Abe

When Chicky was home a couple of weekends ago, we went, as a family, to see the movie Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter.

I was excited.

I’m a history buff, you know.

As we sat through the previews, I grew nervous.

The previews were for scary movies, and I had to cover my eyes for most of them.

I wondered what in the world I’d gotten myself into.  As you know, most previews are for the same genre as the movie you’re about to see.

Chicky laughed at me.  Though she’s a chicken and has often slept in my bed after watching Criminal Minds, she’s also a college student who watches scary movies with her friends (wonder if she ever crawls into bed with them?!).

The premise of the movie intrigued me, although the Mr. and I were leery about a couple of sexual things we’d read about on Plugged In, a Christian movie review site.

We discussed these things with the kids, and we all agreed that we could look away from those scenes since there were only two of them.

The scenes came early (one was a lady and one of the main characters in the bathtub) and the other was a bare-chested dead woman (you could hardly see her because the movie’s lighting was dark in scene).

Ok…so, how did I like the movie?

Well, it was o-k-a-y.

It was gory…lots of violence and blood…lots…so much so that I had to look away…often.

This is NOT a movie for young movie goers…not at all.

I’ve done a lot of reading about Abraham Lincoln.  I’ve even read a biography about Mary Todd Lincoln.

She was nuts and a power-hungry control freak.

I did not like her depiction as a loving wife in this movie.

Remember that I am all about accuracy in my movies.

This movie reminded me a bit of the Highlander series…where people live forever unless they get their heads chopped off.

The special effects were excellent…the action scenes HUGE although so completely unbelievable.

Honestly, I wouldn’t go see this movie again, and I don’t think I’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD.

One Response

  1. We went to see it the other night as well. I have read the book, and it held pretty good to the story line. There were a few key characters missing such as Edgar Allen Poe. Yep he actually contributes to the story in the book. I did like that some historical depictions were worked into the story, as in the book, and it made it more enjoyable. Much like Potter Twilight or any of the book adaptions out there for sci-fi horror etc, there were liberties taken.

    For fans I think its just a great way to see the characters you grew to enjoy in the book.

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