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A Blogger With Attitude

That’s the partial description of how my new bloggy friend, Melanie, described me when she bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award on me.

Melanie has been teaching for awhile now, and she recently began her own personal blog after delving, briefly, into the blogging world through another opportunity.

I had to chuckle at her “attitude” description.  My students would probably say she hit the nail on the head with that word!  My students know that if I’m wearing heels, the level of attitude increases dramatically.  Especially when I’m wearing my pink sparkly heels.


Take a few minutes to pop over to her little corner of the world.  She has the neatest and most practical ideas for engaging students in the learning process.  I have absolutely no idea how I found her blog, but I sure am glad I did!

Ok…so this award comes with some “rules…”

The random fact thing…boy, that is going to be tough because I’ve been blogging for a while now…almost five years (gosh, time flies!!).  You guys know that I am an open book.

Ok…here we go…please forgive me if I’ve said anything before in a post…chalk it up to old-timer’s disease (at the ripe old age of 42)…heehee…

1.  I get carsick if I sit in the back seat of a car.  I’m going to SMART training in a few weeks, and I’ve heard talk that the district is renting a van or two to carry us all down.  I really don’t want to throw a tantrum about getting that front seat, but…

2.  I’m a night owl.  I don’t quite know how this happened…a slow process.  That is why getting back into the school year will be very difficult.  I am completely loving staying up until 2am and sleeping in until 10 or 11.

3.  I am seriously considering starting a knitting club for interested students at my school.  My hope is that once I teach them the basic stitches, we can begin knitting baby blankets to give to expectant mothers at the school.  I envision something similar to the Oddball Baby Blanket project I used to be a part of.

4.  I’m a sports junkie.  As the mom of a daughter who’s played soccer most of her life and a son who played both baseball and soccer, I appreciate the hard work that goes into becoming an athlete.  Pro sports don’t interest me too much, unless you’re talking soccer or NASCAR, but college sports…oh my.  I especially love the Olympics and have been in my element with the Olympic trials going on.

5.  I would LOVE to go to a NASCAR race and meet some of my favorite drivers.  This is an item on my bucket list.  For the record, my favorite drivers do not include the Busch brothers.  Sorry.  Just being honest.

6.  I’m on the lookout for a cupcake place that has vegan cupcakes.  I guess all of that late-night TV viewing is getting to me…Food Network…Cupcake Wars…  Living in Podunk, USA, means I have very limited options.  I did find a cupcake cafe not too far from my house, but when I went in and inquired about vegan cupcakes, the lady looked at me like I was nuts.  She told me that kids would not be open to eating something called “vegan.”  I told her she should put them out as a way to entice people to try something healthy.  GRRR…

7.  I loathe companies that either don’t show up on time for appointments or do not get back with you with promised estimates.  A few years ago, I had a local lady come in and do my blinds.  Her company has been in business for almost thirty years.  Well, thanks to puppy #4, Gambit, I have need for her services again.  The first thing she did wrong was come late…an hour!  She claimed that she left me a voicemail telling me she was going to be late.  That’s a load of c-r-a-p.  She didn’t.  Then, when I asked her to give me an estimate to put sheers on two French doors, she said that she’d call me back.  She doesn’t do email.  Guess what?  I’ve never heard back from her.  I’ve decided that I will find another company to fix the blinds that Gambit messed up and will talk to the company about the sheers.  After I settle on a new company, I’m going to send the other lady a letter explaining that she lost a customer.  Grrr.

Ok…so now I’ve got to nominate fifteen bloggers for the award.

This is tough.  I do read a lot of blogs, I’ll admit, although I did cull down my list after I began teaching.  It was taking too long to read everything!!  Plus, knowing me and my wordiness, I always had to leave comments…put my $.02 in, ya know.

Here goes…

Rebecca – My first bloggy friend.  We have so many things in common that it’s scary.  I totally know that we’d be over at each others’ houses all the time if we lived closer…like in the same state.  heehee

Nancy – Retired teacher and crafter extraordinaire!  Nancy comments often, giving me encouragement when I need it.  She’s also faithful to reply personally every time I comment on her blog.

Taylor – Young mom of a bunch of kids…I don’t know how she makes it through each day.  Her kids’ antics are almost too crazy to believe, but believe her I do.  She usually has pictures that serve as evidence (one day these will serve her well…as in bribery material).  Oh, and for the record, her husband isn’t a lumberjack.  He’s an electrician.  Identity crisis?  Maybe after having four children in not so many years…yes.  heehee

April – Mother of two precious daughters.  We “met” when our girls were being recruited by colleges for their respective sports prowess.  April inspires me with her dedication to her family.

Mary – Band mom and speech pathologist in the public school system.  We actually met in real life a little over a year after we’d been reading each others’ blogs!  I love her humor.  Toward the end of the school year, we count down together.  She’s usually out before I am, and I think she secretly enjoys it.  LOL

Natalie – Young mom and fellow knitter.  I just love this lady.  She’s an animal lover and fellow Floridian and the mother to one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen!

Christina – One of my very best BFFs.  We’ve never met in real life, but we talk on the phone almost every day.  We met through a knitting website, and we started talking on the phone after her oldest son was severely burned.  He spent several months in the hospital, and I began calling her daily to try to get her mind off of things.  I keep trying to get her to send me some of her yarn…the best stuff, of course…to which she responds by telling me she’ll send me a bucket of her Red Heart.  Folks, this is a slur, let me tell you.  If you’re a yarn snob like me, you understand.

Joyce – Mom of two grown young ladies.  I love Joyce’s stories about the places she’s traveled to and lived in.  She is such a hands-on mom.  Though I will never be as talented as she is regarding cooking, decorating, or hosting shin-digs, I live vicariously through her.

Linda – Fellow Christ-follower and book reviewer.  Linda has a lot of fun giveaways.  If you are looking for good Christian reading, visit her blog for reviews of the latest books.

Anni – Talk about a blogger with attitude!  This lady is hysterical!  Her posts are full of amazing pictures.  The comments she leaves on my blog make me laugh out loud…for real.

A Teacher’s Treasure – Fellow Floridian teacher with lots of innovative ideas and foldables!!

Lidna (actually Linda, but she got the nickname from a friend) – This gal is a hoot!  She is a thoughtful writer and at an interesting point in her life…a few changes that she didn’t expect but is adapting to and writing about, sometimes.

Tiffany – Another teacher/bloggy friend of mine.  She returned to school, as I did, after having children, and she’s about to begin her first year of teaching!  I am so excited for her!

Tom – One of my pastors.  He’s a young dad whose wife just gave birth to their third child.  His wit is quick, and his comments will make you laugh and think hard too.  He is such a blessing to my church.

David – Fellow teacher, Christ follower, and a pastor.  I met David last year when we were going through the teacher certification program at my local state college.  He pastors a small church but was looking for a way to earn some extra money while, at the same time, following a passion of his.  His posts are so raw and honest.  You can see that he truly has a servant’s heart.

Melanie, thanks again for the award.  Sharing my own favorite blogs was a fun way to honor the people I’ve grown to cherish through the forum we call “the Internet.”

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for thinking of me…I’m looking at all the things we have in common including car sickness, college sports, and Cupcake Wars : )

  2. Thank you for accepting my award!! I love hearing that you have developed long-lasting friendships here with people you’ve never met. I’d say that’s crazy, but my BFF and I met on a pregnancy message board in 99 and have only spent 52 hours together in those 13 years. It is one of the strongest friendships, if not THE strongest, I’ve ever had. There is something about being able to share your feelings through writing that really helps people connect in unique ways.

  3. We TOTALLY would be at each other’s houses… everyday!!!

    I have put my foot down enough about the vehicles I ride in, that now, its just 2nd nature for everyone to know I’m in the front… they dont like the alternative…(gagging)

    You TOTALLY should start a knit group!!! I know its “cool” now to knit & what a chance for these girls to do something for someone else!!!!

    Did you see where Alec Baldwin had vegan cake at his wedding? 🙂

  4. Thank you for linking to me! And you are going to have SUCH a hard time going back to school in the fall, you crazy nightowl, you!

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