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“You Look Rested”

Last Sunday, I saw my mentor at church.

Cinda is a wonderful lady.  I didn’t know her before I started teaching at my new school last year.  I’d never noticed her at church before.  What a small world, eh?  God certainly had fun putting the two of us together.


Seeing Cinda always brings a smile to my face.  She’s so warm and thoughtful, and she’s a wonderful mom to boot.  She always inspires me.

As we chatted after the service, she said, “You look rested.”

I thought about that a moment and chuckled, telling her that I didn’t know how rested I was with me staying up until 2am and sleeping until 10:30 or 11.

Go ahead.

Be jealous.

Then, I had a thought.

What she was seeing wasn’t necessarily a gal who was rested.

She was seeing me with very little stress reflected on my face.

Stress is such a weighty thing, is it not?

I am the type of person whose face reveals whatever I’m thinking or feeling.

I despise being this way…not being able to disguise my thoughts.

This tendency makes me feel very exposed.

When I’m stressed, which is pretty much most of the school year thanks to my overachieving self, I feel like a hundred pounds is sitting on top of my head and shoulders.

I just want to be the best I can be and not let my students down.

I suspect that most teachers feel the same way.

Thank goodness for the summer.

Thank goodness for the “time” to relax, even while reflecting, without the pressure of constant lesson planning and assessing.

Yes, I guess I am rested, but mostly, I’m decompressed and de-stressed.

August is slowly looming on the horizon.

Until then, I’ll make the most of every free moment left.

2 Responses

  1. This is exactly why we have summer! So we can recover and refresh! We are approaching the halfway point….yikes!

  2. Teaching is more mentally exhausting than others realize. Dealing with the emotions of 100s of teenagers itself is challenging, but when the constant planning and organizing, and the need to be “on” every moment that you are at work is added, it is truly exhausting.

    Love the cartoon!

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