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Yearly Shots

Last week, I took Aubie and Pele for their yearly shots.

I’ll admit that I am somewhat cheap as far as pet checkups go.

I only go for the shots…no “examination.”

I’m their mama, after all, and very attune to their nuances.  I take them in when they need attention.

The dogs had no idea what they were in for.  Aubie eagerly jumped into the car.

Pele did his thing…put his front legs on the seat and turned to look at us with an expression that said, “Is somebody gonna give me a lift?”

He’s lazy like that.

His excitement turned to anxiety, however, when we got to the clinic, and despite his large size…a whopping 99.9 pounds (up almost five since last year)…he whimpered like a baby.

Thank goodness Rooster had gone with me to help me out.  I don’t think I could have managed both dogs on my own.

Pele turned to mush, though, when the techs grabbed hold of him in the room and clipped his nails.  He also loved the vet and didn’t even tighten his butt cheeks when they gave him one of his shots.

Good boy!

Aubie was her happy-go-lucky self and licked everyone to death.

When we took them out to the car, Pele was so excited to be going home that he jumped in all the way…on his own.


Yes, I just said that.


I snapped these photos of the dogs while waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru (a reward to Rooster and myself for surviving the appointment)…

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