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Mama Always Said…

We’ve all probably heard the advice to make sure you put on decent underclothing before leaving the house…in case you get in an accident and need your clothes cut off or something.

This morning, I discovered another reason why this is such sage advice.

First, my story.

I woke up last Monday feeling a little “off.” My chest was a little tight, but it wasn’t too bad. I even told Super Sis I thought I was coming down with a summer cold.

By Wednesday, I was feeling quite poorly. I’d wake up with my joints hurting something fierce, a headache, and a sore throat.

Not having time to be sick, I kept things at bay by taking headache medicine. Unfortunately, that medicine kept me awake ALL night Wednesday, and I felt like death warmed over.

Thursday, I continued to suck it up, worked in my classroom, and continued feeling puny.

Friday morning, I took my temperature. My fuzzy brain registered the 99.6 as 98.6. I told Rooster I didn’t have a temperature, and I went about my merry way, although I was feeling the worst I had all week.

By Friday evening, I was an emotional mess. Being sick is just not something I have time for, and frustration was mounting, as was my pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen.

I monitored my temperature and watched it spike at 101. Rooster and I stayed up late watching the movie Tron.

The Mr. Had bought Riptide Rush Gatorade for me, and I sipped on it between periodic temperature checks.

I attempted to sleep on the couch, waking up every hour in pain and still maintaining the 101 fever.

On Saturday, I woke up feeling like crud and threw in the towel. It was time to seek medical help.

The Mr. drove me to a clinic that’s open on Saturdays…one that my friend, Barb, had recommended.

What a lovely office! I cried when I walked in, completely exhausted. The receptionist was incredibly sweet, as was the young nurse who took my vitals.

I was embarrassed when the nurse had to get a child-sized blood pressure cuff. I have thin arms.

The doctor listened to my chest, but he wanted to take chest X-rays. Fortunately, the office had an X-ray machine, and after taking a look at the results, the doctor determined that I have pneumonia…probably deep on one side, which was why he couldn’t hear it with the stethoscope.

He told me he was going to write prescriptions for antibiotics and cough medicine.

And then…

He said he was going to give me a shot of antibiotics.

I hate needles.

This is one reason why I don’t go to doctors.

He told me to turn over and asked which cheek I preferred.

And that’s when I realized something.

I had the ugliest pair of underwear on that you can imagine.

A little voice had told me to change the pair before I left.

I had ignored it.

I began wishing I hadn’t.

This underwear is so ugly that I have to roll down the top because the pair is so big, and I don’t like for the underwear to show over the tops of my shorts.

How embarrassing!

But it was all about the shot, which has left me extremely sore, let me tell you.

When I’m feeling better, I’m going to throw the pair out.

Meanwhile, I’m taking it easy and have set up shop on my couch.

My dishes aren’t getting done, and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to paint my classroom next week.

All in good time.


4 Responses

  1. The good thing is that he’s probably seen worse, or…has had a patient who didn’t even have any on! 😀
    Maybe Rooster will get the hint and clean up for you. Get better!

  2. Ugh. Sorry to hear you are sick. I am too!! Get well soon!

  3. Pneumonia is NOT fun, and it may take you a while to bounce back, especially if you try to do too much before you are completely healed. Ask me how I know that tidbit.

    Rest, drink plenty of fluids and do NOT overdo. Allow your body to heal itself with the help of antibiotics. The housework and the classroom can wait.

  4. LOL! What about that new pair you got for free at VS while we were talking on the phone!!?? See….we all have underwear stories!!!

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