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My First Out-of-Town Work Trip

Today, I’m leaving to attend a four-day workshop.

I was fortunate to be one of two teachers from my school selected by my assistant principal to attend the 2012 Summer Institute for Technology Integration.

I will be going down with a few other teachers from my district.  Administrators are getting us trained so we can return to our schools and share what we learn with fellow teachers.

This will be my first time away from home for work.

I’m feeling like a little like a grown up.


The training is being organized by Patti Palancia.  I met Patti when she came to Podunk, USA to conduct a two-day SMART training workshop.

I immediately liked her laid-back style.  She and the gal who was conducting the training with her presented a few how-to’s and then let attendees practice using the tips.  Then, she’d present a few more tips and then allow us to play some more.  There was a healthy exchange of ideas, and I learned a lot.

The Summer Institute will be more intense, from what I’ve heard.

We’ve already been divided into groups according to the content we teach (hmmm…as a reading teacher, I wonder where I’ll fit into the mix) and the tech-know-how we possess.

I spent part of yesterday packing…

(A girl can never have enough shoes on hand.)

Look…more shoes!!

While I’m a little nervous about the training, I am more concerned about what state my house will be in when I return.

Here’s what it looks like now…

Will someone please tell me…does your hubby buy things at the grocery store, empty out the bags, and leave the bags on the counter?





The dishes have been three weeks in the making.

I know.

That’s bad.

I was going to wash them, but then I started feeling poorly and couldn’t do them.

I kept thinking I was going to get better, so the dishes piled up.

Then I got worse, went to the doctor, found out I was a lot sicker than I realized, and the dishes piled up further.

I am hoping beyond hope that the Mr. and Rooster work together to get these dishes washed.

I don’t know how I’ll do them after being gone for five days.

I’ll need to rest up when I get home because next week I have four days of in-service sessions at school.

Then, I have three days of Kagan training.


And all of that while still recovering from pneumonia!

I think for now, I’ll focus on soaking up all of the knowledge that my trainers will be imparting.

I’ll leave this list for the Mr. (because he reads my blog) so he can refer to it and do the quick clean-up Thursday before I get home:

  • Make sure the dogs have a full bowl of water every day
  • Roll the garbage can to the curb on Tuesday (trash pickup is Wednesday)
  • Roll the garbage can back to the house on Wednesday after the trash has been picked up
  • Have Rooster vacuum on Sunday and Wednesday
  • Put the mail into separate piles on the table according to the day received so I can log it
  • Put chairs on the couches so that Pele doesn’t permanently take up residence there
  • Pour the new bag of dog food into the container in the garage
  • Wash those dishes (you’ll have to buy more dish detergent)!!
  • Make sure the ladder is outside, by the front door, for Jane to pick up so she can finish painting her room.  She’ll pick it up on Monday.
  • Remind Rooster to wash his clothes.  He’ll probably have a full basket by Tuesday.


Being a woman is tough work, as the list above proves…and it’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as what needs to be done every week!

I’ll try to blog during the week.  Now that I have my handy-dandy iPhone, I’ve found that I can blog without even turning on the computer!

I’ll share what I learn at my training…just so I can bore you to tears!


I’ll also update you as to whether or not those things on the to-do list got done.

For their sake, could you offer up a few prayers for the Mr. and Rooster?  The wrath that could be forthcoming will not be pretty!


4 Responses

  1. Have a good time!
    Don’t you think it’s crazy that we actually have to tell the men in our life how to run their own house? Drives me insane! 🙂

  2. I love that you have to explain to put the empty trash can away! Haha. Have a good trip and learn lots!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time, learn a lot, and come home to a clean kitchen! That would make me a little crazy too…I need the house to be picked up and fresh sheets on my bed when I go away.

  4. THrow in one more pair of shoes for good measure and enjoy being a grown up at the conference – where someone else will be doing the cooking and cleaning up too! : )

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