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She Won’t Admit It But…

My Chicky is not what you would call a “Mama’s Girl.”

Oh no.

From Day 1, she demonstrated that she was Little Miss Independent.

I kid you not.

She tried to refuse to nurse.

I cured that with the help of a lactation specialist.

She tried to decide what she was wearing to daycare…at the ripe old age of seven months.

We solved that by “helping” her pick out her clothes the night before.

While other moms were blessed with affectionate girls who eagerly shared “I love yous” and hugs with them, I was fighting battles with my girl child.

That independence is serving her well now that she’s in college, but I feel like I’ve missed out over the years.

What is nice, though, is watching as I’ve noticed a little phenomenon happening.

About a week before Chicky comes home for visits, she begins to text me.

Once or twice a day.

About random stuff.

Or she’ll call.

About random stuff.

She’ll never admit to it, nor will I reveal my observations to her face (I’m not sure if she’ll read it here though).

As a mom who hasn’t heard the words “I love you” from my girl in years and years, I absolutely eat up the communication that flies back and forth the week before she comes home.

It’s music to my soul, and it gives me hope that one day…sometime in the future…we’ll be close and that somehow…just maybe…I’ll hear the actual words I long to hear.

Until then, I’ll take satisfaction in what I know she’ll never admit to…

That some small part of her looks forward to coming home for those quick visits…

And that some small part of her knows that I’m here for her, no matter how much we annoy each other…and that I’d move heaven and earth to answer any and all questions.

Until she’s 30 and has children of her own, we’ll keep this info on the DL (down-low, for those of you who don’t speak teen-speak).

It will be our little secret.


2 Responses

  1. So glad that she realizes she actually needs her mama! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I raised three independent kiddos, and I feel ya — while I am super proud of their ability to not need me, it’s nice to know that they really do, deep down.

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