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Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I live in Florida where it rains nearly every day during the summer.

The weather didn’t dampen my spirits today, though, because my Chicky came home, bringing with her a spark of sunshine.

First, we watched the US Women’s soccer team beat Columbia…

After the game, we went out for a bit of fun, first hitting Starbucks up for some yummies.

Then, we went to the nail salon, where we settled in for some pampering.

I wanted to treat Chicky to some feet-lovin’ before soccer season makes them nasty again.

Chicky settled for coral, while I had to have the sparkly purple…

While our toes were drying, Chicky asked if I wanted to get my nails done.  She even told me she’d treat me!

My nails are short right now because I took off my acrylic tips in June to allow my nails to breathe.  Still, I thought about it and decided that getting my cuticles taken care of would be good.  So, we selected our colors and sat down again.

I, loving all things sparkly, picked out the following color, which I thought would look good on my nails despite their short length…

I’m going to buy this.  It matches my pink sparkly shoes…

Don’t you just love that name???

A funny thing happened as we were finishing up our manicures.

Before painting our nails, we are advised to go ahead and pay so we wouldn’t mess up our nails.  I pulled out my billfold to pay for the pedicures, and then Chicky realized that she’d left her money at home.

I just had to roll my eyes.  It was quite funny.

For the record, she’s going to transfer the money into my account.


Our nails turned out beautiful, in my humble opinion, and we left quite the happy pair.

She’d wanted a French manicure, but her nails were too short.  She’s a soccer player and doesn’t keep them very long.  Still, they turned out pretty.

I love the way my nails twinkle…

After getting our nails done, we ran to Target, where we bought a card for one of her friends and I bought a bottle of Riesling wine, which I’d recently tasted and had become fond of.

Everything we did triggered interesting conversations…grown-up conversations.

My girl child…who has always been fiercely independent…is turning into a person who is finally starting to relate to me in a more mature manner.

I’ll be treasuring every moment we get to spend together this week.

The days will fly by, and before I know it, I’ll be helping her move in for yet another year of college.

I can’t help but hear the following song in my head as I think about our wonderful day, and I know memories of it will carry me through those moments of sadness when I’ll miss her so much.

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like a perfect Girls Day Out!

  2. It was nice running into you and catching up at Target. Lovely post!

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