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Unexpected Thoughtfulness

Last night, my phone rang.

I could tell from the ringtone that it was one of my babies…Rooster, to be more precise.

Though we’d been texting each other and keeping up with one another through Facebook and Twitter, this was only the second time that I was getting to hear his voice.

The conversation began like this:

Me:  “Hey, Honey!”

Rooster:  “Hi, Mama.”

Me:  “What’s up?”

Rooster:  “Nothing much.  I was just calling to see how your first day of school went.”




That just warmed my heart!!

Although Rooster was just beginning his first full week of classes, he was kind of enough to call and check how my day had been!!

He didn’t just ask general questions either.

He was specific, like “How did you like your classes?  Did they behave?”

For the last two years that I’ve been teaching, he’s had to endure my ramblings about school…perhaps a bit unwillingly because he was the only child left at home.

It touched my heart that even when not “forced” to listen to my stories, he still called to listen to them.

I told him that he had scored “Son Points” and continued to tell him that one day, he’ll be able to cash them in.


He chuckled.

I’m so glad to know that though a few hours away, my boy does love me…enough to check up on me without being prompted.

I am so blessed to be his Mama!

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