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Up To My Eyeballs

I had grand plans to write a long post detailing my first week back to school; however, when I got home, I suddenly found myself in cleaning mode.

I guess clearing off my desk at work (yeah, right) made me a little eager to do the same thing at home.

Although I don’t do much in the way of domestic chores, I do vacuum about every two or three days. With four dogs in the house and nothing but dirt and weeds in the backyard, this is a must.

Today, while in cleaning mode, I decided to move the furniture so that I could vacuum properly.

When I moved the TV, so I could clean the windowsill behind it, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not have a pretty window to look through all the time?” So, I moved some furniture around and wound up with this…


Satisfied, I finished vacuuming and ran to get a bite to eat with the Mr.

When I got home, I sat down to score MAZE tests, diagnostic assessments designed to measure fluency.

And that is when happy little me crashed and burned.

These things are monotonous to score, and I grew extremely tired shortly after finishing the first of three classes’ worth.

All good intentions of writing inspiring teacher blog stuff left as my energy drained away.

To be sure, I’ll blog sometime on Saturday…

After I tackle the mountain of paperwork that is, as of this moment, lying dormant on my couch and my end table…


That’s not to say that my week didn’t go well, for that is not the case at all!!

But wait…I don’t want to say anymore just yet.

I’m headed off to Sleepy Land, where, for the first time in four weeks, I don’t have to set an alarm.

Catch y’all in a few!

One Response

  1. Sleeping til 8 today is for sure the highlight of my weekend!!

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