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Still too Busy to Reflect

Oy, but I’m rushing to get in a post for the day because I’m an overachiever who likes to have one post each day.


Today was busy.  I ran errands after dragging myself from bed around the late hour of 10:30.

I picked up a few cases of water…

…because we have this little thing called “Issac” coming our way…

Then, I sat down to resume the dreaded scoring of the MAZE diagnostic tests I’d given my students…

After finishing that task, I began on the next…prepping for my lesson on Textbook Mapping…

It’s quite fascinating stuff, I tell you.  The worst part about it is taping the pages together.  I’ll have students do this same thing within small groups after I model the lesson to the whole class…

If you want to read more about Textbook Mapping, visit this site.

After that, the Mr. and I ran to Walmart, where we shopped with hundreds of our closest friends (not exactly) and bought a cart full of stuff we probably won’t need because, I’d venture to bet, the storm will turn west as storms usually do.

While at Walmart, I found these cute markers in the $1 bin.  I picked up five packages…one for each table of students…and will keep my fingers crossed that they last the duration of this unit.  I later went back and picked up five more for another teacher who loved the photos I sent to the reading group.

After that, I decided to watch the NASCAR race but couldn’t because the cable cords weren’t connected to the TV properly.  I had gotten a wild hair yesterday when vacuuming and decided to rearrange the layout of my television, electronics shelving, and DVD shelves.  I moved the TV from the corner, where it was blocking the window, to the center of the wall in front of my couches.

In the process, I undid the cables and thought I could rely on my memory to reconnect them.


I was wishing Rooster was around, let me tell you, as the Mr. and I resembled his parents trying to figure out technology.



In the end, I don’t think the problem was in the way I’d connected things.  I think that the problem was with the DVR, which I finally unplugged to reset and then restarted.

Thus, I was able to watch NASCAR, complete my teacher self-assessment (albeit two days late…grrr…but I’m blaming technical difficulties…literally), and do a few other things that needed to be done.

Hence, I was a wee bit too busy to sit, reflect, and write a deep, meaningful post about my first week of school.

But tomorrow will be the day.

I can feel it!

I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation!


4 Responses

  1. Isn’t it crazy??? I feel like I’m in the same blurry world these days. There is just not enough time. Hope you have a relaxing, yet productive Sunday. And next time you disconnect cables…take a pic before you start! It save a lot of stress! (unless of course it’s just the DVD player!) 😉

  2. Stay safe when Issac drops by for a visit.

    I agree taking a photo of the cables helps a LOT.

  3. You’d better believe I am! I always enjoy hearing about your teaching experiences! I sure hope you miss the wrath of Isaac! As you know, Britttany lives down in Mobile…right where it’s supposed to slam into the coast. Makes me a nervous wreck, but I know God is with her!

  4. Giiiirrrrl, I know just how you feel! When is it going to slow down???

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