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Batten Down the Hatches

So you’ve probably been hearing a little something about a hurricane that’s making its way toward the southern United States.

I’ve been through quite a few hurricanes since moving to Florida twenty-one years ago.

They don’t scare me much.

In fact, because of where I live now, I usually have a fairly good idea of which direction a storm will head…namely west.

Although the storms bring with them lots of rain, there are some positive things about hurricanes.

The weather before a storm hits is AMAZING.

Take Sunday, for instance.

Here’s what I saw as I ran errands Sunday morning…

Although I had lesson plans to write, I suggested that the Mr. and I head out to the mall at the beach.  I wanted to pick up a few free items I had coupons for and hit up a local market that I love.

Look at the view I had along the way…

You can’t tell me that you would have stayed inside and worked if you had been me.


After I got my shopping done, we looked for a place to eat.

We decided to visit Redbrick Pizza.

We’d never eaten there (that’s saying a lot), so we were curious.

I’d planned on ordering a pizza without cheese; however, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this eatery offered gluten-free products (not that I am allergic to gluten) and other vegan-friendly items.  In fact, there was a dairy-free cheese available on the menu.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was out of the cheese on Sunday, but the employees steered me toward a tasty cheese-free pizza.

I settled on the Hawaiian and added artichoke hearts (I developed a longing for them the moment I saw them behind the glass).

Let me tell you that I’ve been a vegan since December 2010.  This was the first time I had ordered pizza since that time.

I was in heaven…more so with each bite I took…

One of the things I liked so much about this pizza was its thin crust.  I didn’t feel over-full when I finished.

Thus it was that I had room to enjoy this…

That, my friends, is Blood Orange Sorbet…vegan-friendly and, hence, dairy-free.

The restaurant employee described it as tasting like Flintstone Push Ups.

He was correct.

It was delicious!!!!

As we headed home, I enjoyed my dessert, feeling ready to begin a long afternoon and evening of lesson planning…

Yes, the storm was on its way, but at home, I’d battened down the hatches and was enjoying life in the process.

3 Responses

  1. As you know, Brittany is down in Mobile and I’m feeling uneasy about her being so far away from me with Isaac on it’s way. She’s never been through a storm of that magnitude before. Please say a prayer for her…and for all others affected by the storm. You stay safe, as well, my friend!

  2. Hope you’re staying safe and dry!

  3. There’s some life lessons in that… the calm before the storm 🙂

    I love pizza without cheese – you dont miss it. But love you found a vegan choice! Rare to find! Artichokes on a pizza? I’ve got to try that now!

    & vegan sherbert? Push Ups are my fav… i’m drooling!

    Stay safe in the storm lady

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