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The Current State of My Yard

You might remember that I am in the process of getting my yard landscaped.

The original plan was to apply two rounds of industrial-strength Roundup to kill everything (namely the weeds).

Both times the landscaper sprayed, it rained.

A lot.

Florida has had a TON of rain the last few weeks.

This, unfortunately has slowed down the process.

My weeds started to grow back.

Not good, let me tell you.

I called the landscaper, and he was already aware of the problem and had a plan of attack.

Namely, he was going to spot-spray.

The Mr. and I discussed that the entire yard needed another application of Roundup…not spots here and there.

The landscaper assured me that he would call to let me know when he was coming so I could keep the dogs inside.

Meanwhile, things began to magically appear in my yard.

And then one day, I arrived home to find a blue yard…evidence that the spray treatment had been administered.

Do you see the flags?

They are marking utilities and the sprinkler lines.

The landscaper didn’t spray the back yard.

Really, what’s the point?  All that exists out there is dirt.

So, we’re in a holding pattern right now.

The landscaper’s sod farm is drenched with water, so he’s got his hands tied on that end as well.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that within the next couple of weeks, I will have my new front and back yards.

One can always hope, eh?

One Response

  1. Just don’t do like we did and attempt to lay the sod yourselves in 105 degree temps…not good.

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