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Vitamin Sea Therapy

Weekends in Florida during the spring.

They are simply the best – especially when you have a demanding job like mine.

The Mr. and I had been waiting for a warm, rain-free day, and we finally got it on Saturday.

We loaded up the car and headed out . . .

How fancy are we?

It didn’t take us long to get set up ,and all I can say is oh my happy.  I was exactly where I needed to be.

It was a fairly windy day, and our tent blew over around 3.  By 4, we were ready to go.  The temperature had dropped a little, but the wind made it feel even cooler.

We had planned on going to the pool on Sunday; however, there was an issue with the water (city problem), so we had to come up with something else.  The weather, surprisingly, was cooperating with us a second day in a row.  I told the Mr. and that I couldn’t spend the day inside.

After coming home from church, we got ourselves ready and headed out for round two.

Snacks had been packed; a quick trip to Publix for ice followed.  I waited for the hubby in the car . . .

My friend, Megan, met us out there, and we just could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Well, okay, maybe if the water had not been filled with seaweed, it would have been perfect, but it was close enough for me.

As of tonight, we have five more Mondays until summer vacation – when Sundays won’t be sad, and I can be even more relaxed when I go to the beach.

A Weekend of Pampering

Y’all, I just love my weekends.  Now that I’ve gotten used to leaving work at work (except for one evening a week to lesson plan), I am finding myself more relaxed.

This past weekend was so wonderful, ushered in by having Friday off in honor of Veteran’s Day.

I do love getting to turn off my alarms.

After I worked out, I took Gambit to Petsmart for a bath.

He was a smelly boy, y’all!  I hadn’t really noticed his funk until the day before when I’d taken him to get his yearly shots.  Mercy!  He was a bit freaked out and stuck to my leg with what could only be likened to a toddler’s death grip.

He was such a wuss.  He didn’t even want the treat offered to him by the vet tech . . .

He was a happy dog when we got home . . .

Not to mention a tired guy . . .

But he was stinky, so I made an appointment online the night before and headed out first thing Friday morning.  The sweetest groomer met me at the counter and assured me that Gambit would be fine.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of him as I walked away.  It reminded me of the days I used to take the kids to daycare, and they would look back at me sadly as I left.

When I returned home, Pele was depressed.  He missed his brother and didn’t understand why Gambit hadn’t returned with me.

I called a couple of hours later to check on Gambit’s progress and then headed over.  He was one happy dog, let me tell you, and he even came home with a “Pawgress” Report.  He’d done good except when he’d growled at the gal when she tried to grind one of his back paws.  Sigh.

Pele checked him over to make sure nothing bad had happened to him.

Don’t tell Pele, but he’s getting his turn at the puppy spa on Saturday.  😀

Later that afternoon, the Mr. and I headed out to a going away party for one of his coworkers.  We stayed out late.  I guess we forgot that we aren’t spring chickens any more.  What can I say?  It was hard to pull ourselves away from the fire pit his friends had built . . . so perfect for the chilly night.

The dogs were ready to have our hides for being out past our curfew.  They hadn’t eaten yet and were waiting for us in the dark house.  Oops.  We’d forgotten to leave a light on for them.  Gambit was exhausted by the time he went to bed.

I got up before my alarm clock on Saturday (thank you, time change) and worked out . . .

I spy myself walking past the mirror.

After grabbing a quick shower, I headed out to my hair appointment.  First, though, was a stop at Petsmart to pick up a couple of dog beds that I’d seen the day before – because I didn’t already have enough with three in the house.

My hair appointment was a MUST.  I get foil highlights twice a year, and I was way overdue.

I guess all of those extra vitamins I’d been taking for my bones made my hair grow out faster because my roots were long!  I think I’ll probably get my roots done a little more often.  The above is the “before” photo.

I love my hairdresser and consider her a dear friend.  We laugh so much when we get together.

She went all out and dried and straightened my hair without charging me extra.  I may have padded her tip extra to make up for that.  😉

Here’s the “after” photo . . .

When I got home, the dogs were, at first, a little leery of their new beds; however, it didn’t take them long to climb on them and settle in for the day.

Now, these beds will stay in my bedroom so I don’t have to drag beds back and forth, but I wanted to let the boys break them in first.

As you can see, the boys were quite comfortable, as was I, while we watched our Auburn Tigers BEAT Georgia.

That called for a celebration . . .

Sunday, the Mr. and I went to church, did a bit of shopping, ate dinner out, and then enjoyed a quiet evening at home.  My mood was already turning with the approach of Monday . . .

All Photos-534

Who doesn’t love a good Snapchat filter?

I’m already counting down the days until Friday and the beginning of an entire week off!

Flowers on Friday

My school district cancelled classes on Friday because of Hurricane Irma.

I intended to get up around 7 to walk, but my alarm didn’t go off, and I didn’t wake up until 9.  I had stuff to do – fuel to top off and water to hunt down, so I quickly got dressed.

About that time, my phone rang.  It was my principal’s secretary.  She told me that Fed Ex had delivered a package to the school for me.  I scratched my head in confusion until she told me that the box appeared to be from my husband.

That’s when I pieced things together . . .

Flowers . . .

Then, I panicked.

Was Friday my anniversary, and had I missed saying something to the hubby before he’d left for work?

But no.  It was only the 8th.  My anniversary wasn’t until the next day, so I was good, and the hubby wouldn’t have anything to hold over my head.


I ran to the school and picked up my box (along with the salad I’d left in the fridge the day before when I didn’t have time to eat because life, y’all).

When I got home, I opened them up . . .

The anticipation grew as I wondered what kind of flowers I’d find . . .

Roses, y’all!

Aren’t they pretty?  They smell amazing too!

So, Saturday was our 28th anniversary.

That’s a long time.

All the while, Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida.

I found it ironic.  I mean, my guy and I have weathered quite a few storms over the past ten months with my ankle, his Crohn’s, and Molly’s passing.

It’s been tough.

Yet, we’ve grown stronger, with God’s help.

I’m so grateful for this guy.  He puts up with a lot.  Being the spouse of a teacher isn’t easy.

Truth be told, being a spouse to me would challenge even the easiest-going person.

What can I say?  I keep things real around here.

That’s not to say that I don’t put up with a lot as well because, y’all, he’s a guy.  In other words, it’s sometimes like I still have a child at home.


All joking (ahem) aside, I do love this man, and I’m thankful that God put him in my life that fateful Friday night at the high school game we were both attending.

I’m happy that the then-not-even-a-boyfriend-but-just-a-cute-guy had a car that broke down and I had to drive him back to his grandparents’ house.

Yeah.  That guy.

He’s the logical to my freakout.

I’m the I’ll-find-a-way to his I’ll-call-a-person.

I pray that this year is easier, and when we celebrate our 29th, we will be able to look back on a year of rest and healing (and no breakage of any kind).


Catching Up – Mother’s Day Weekend

Well, now that the school year is just about over, I’m finding myself with a wee bit more time to partake in activities that I’ve neglected.

Blog writing is one of them.

I have sooooooo many things to catch up on, so let’s start with Mother’s Day weekend, which I alluded to a few posts ago.

The weekend started off in a super-sweet way when the Mr. and I went out to dinner.

Randomly, in the middle of a story I was telling, he pulled out a card for me.

The card took me by surprise, and the words made me shed a few tears.

We have been through SO MUCH the past seven months, beginning with me breaking my ankle and followed by his illness.  These events have brought us closer as nothing else in our marriage has.

The next day, he and I headed out to see the newest installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was so funny and a bit sad too.

Near the end of the movie, I received a text from Chicky along with a photo of Gambit.

She had tried to surprise us by coming home for the weekend.  When she’d gotten to the house and found it empty, then had seen my Instagram photo of the Mr. and me headed to the movie, she knew she needed to act fast.  She didn’t want to be left out of dinner plans.  Ha!

We drove home, picked her up, and headed out, back to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

First thing Sunday morning (Mother’s Day), I opened the package I had received from Rooster and his girl . . .

Rooster had picked up the beautiful, 100% cashmere Pashmina scarf in Thailand.  The card was adorable.  These kiddos know me well.

The Mr. had to work that day, so Chicky and I played Hooky from church and headed to the beach.

Along the way, we had to stop and let this family of ducks cross the street  . . .

We stopped at Walmart to pick up snacks, and I bought a new hat . . .

We got to the beach around 10, which was great because we got a really good parking spot and found the perfect place to spread out our stuff on the beach.

Chicky immediately went down to the water to check it out.

We could not have asked for better weather.

I was loving my hat, let me tell you.

Chicky isn’t a big talker, so we just relaxed, each with our own books . . . our own thoughts.

We asked the couple sitting beside us if they would watch our stuff so we could grab lunch.  They kindly agreed.

There’s a small place that overlooks the beach, so we headed there.  I absolutely love this restaurant.  It has outside seating, and you can request a beach-side view.  The food is tasty and not very expensive.

When we finished, we headed back to the beach but stopped and asked someone to take our photo.

We wound up staying at the beach a total of four and a half hours, so we were beat when we left.  Chicky rested when we got home; the dogs were so happy to have her there.

Chicky wound up leaving late that day, just as Rooster and his girl were Facetiming me.  She was able to stick her head in front of the camera so they could chat a moment before she headed out for her drive home.

Mother’s Day is always hard for me.  I don’t like the obligation of the holiday . . . especially because I no longer have a relationship with my mom.  Being remembered in such sweet ways by my hubby and children touched my heart so much.  I never feel worthy; they made me feel loved.

It was a weekend I won’t soon forget.

Surprise Visitor

Thursday night, around 10:30pm, I was just about to head to bed when I heard the garage door go up.

What the heck?

I got very scared and hollered out to the Mr., who’d gone to bed a couple of hours prior.

Before I knew it, the door between the laundry room and the garage door was opening.

What the double-heck?

Then I heard the angelic voice of my Chicky, “It’s just me, Mama.”

Oh, be still my beating heart.  My girl had come home for a surprise visit!

It was a good thing I’d just taken off my TENS unit, because I might have had a heart attack from the shock!

Just kidding.  Sort of.

We visited a few minutes before I got up, washed dishes with the extra adrenaline, and headed to bed.

Waking up to her being under my roof…well, is there a better feeling in the world than having your children in your home?  I think not!

How I loved seeing her shoes all lined up.  It takes a LOT of shoes to get through a weekend, let me tell you!

The next day, she came to see me at school during my lunch break…

See how cool I am?


We had a wonderful weekend.  We ran errands on Saturday.  She humored me by going shoe shopping with me.

But first, we had to grab lunch.

Then, it was off to Dillard’s to try on shoes.

Remember that I’m all about Vionic shoes right now because of the support they provide…much needed for my pronated, still-healing-broken ankle.

I spied these and gave them a whirl.

I wasn’t sure about them at first but wound up loving how they looked with my blue jeans (and yes, those are my legs…with torn blue jeans…because I am cool like that).

The saleslady brought lots of other shoes for me to try on…

I am desperate for a pair of shoes to wear with black or grey pants.

Chicky was not fond of these.

The next pair wound up being one of my favorite of the day.

Look how great they go with my blue jeans!  I can also see them with casual dresses (solid) or shorts.

In the end, I bought the first pair…the brown, sparkly ones.  I wore them out of the mall.  ❤

Chicky and I ran a few other errands and then returned home.  I made her a dish from one of my Oh She Glows recipe book, and we enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

She left early Sunday morning so she could get home in time to relax before the weekend was over.

Her visit really lifted our spirits.  Her smile and laugh are always infectious.

She’s been incredibly attentive in recent months, and this makes our hearts light.  She is beautiful on the inside and outside…a true blessing.


A Visit from Chicky

This weekend, the Mr. and I were treated to a visit from our sweet Chicky.

When I found out that she had President’s Day off, I asked if she would consider coming home for the weekend.  The Mr. has been very ill, so I thought he’d cheer up if he could spend time with her.

Now, let me tell you that I have amazing children.  You’ve heard me wax poetic about them in the past.

Chicky has been especially attentive ever since I broke my ankle.  She stayed with us for two weeks during Christmas vacation.  We loved having her home.

She drove up on Saturday and completely surprised the Mr. when she walked in the door.

After she visited awhile, we decided to run some errands.  She was considering upgrading her phone, so off we went to the Sprint store.  She got her phone, and we drove out to the beach to do a bit of shopping.  First, though, she wanted to go to the actual beach to take some pictures with her new phone.  She wanted to try out the new camera on it.

I was a little nervous about walking on the sand but desperately needed to be in my happy place.

Y’all…the weather was perfect…the sand cool to the touch but not uncomfortably so…the water frigid.

Slipping my toes into the sand felt so very right.  I carefully walked to the shore, avoiding as many holes as I could.  My physical therapist told me it was good for me to walk on it (he said this after the fact, so at least I wasn’t in trouble!).

I snapped a few photos of her, and she even agreed to a selfie (forgive my face…I didn’t fix my hair or put on much makeup)…

Yes, I am posting her face for the FIRST TIME EVER!  I asked, and she agreed.

Isn’t she just the cutest thing ever? ❤ ❤ ❤

Because traffic was a bear, it took us forever to do just a couple of things, so we headed home to cook a late dinner.  The Mr. has been going to bed pretty early each night, so it was all he could do to hang on while we made up his fish and mashed potatoes.

She went to bed early because, heck, she’s a teacher and sleeps all the days when she’s not teaching.

We got up and went to church the next morning, and I got a good picture of her and the Mr.  I won’t post that because the Mr. is blog-o-phobic.  Ha!

Then, after lunch, Chicky and I headed out for an hour and a half drive.  I was on the hunt for new sneakers (see yesterday’s post), and we needed to return something the Mr. had bought his mom for Christmas.

I sang and car danced on the way, much to her chagrin.  It would seem that some things (or people) don’t change no matter how much time passes.  😀

Chicky couldn’t resist a little treat.  She’s a healthy eater, so the splurge was a rare one.

Yes, she is adorable, is she not?

I heart her much.

I appreciated having her feedback on the shoes, although she made me chuckle when she told me not to limp while I was trying them on.  I think she forgot that I’m recovering from a broken ankle.  Actually, she hasn’t forgotten because it permeates all of my conversations.


We had a grand time shopping and found a couple of good deals.  Overall, we didn’t spend much, though, despite the temptations we faced at World Market and Fresh Market.

Dinner was fish again for Chicky and the Mr. and a Tomato Basil Pasta recipe I’d made the day before (Oh She Glows has wonderful recipes) for me.

After dinner, she and I settled in for a movie…London Has Fallen…and then she headed to bed.

She and the Mr. left early yesterday morning.  She needed to go back home, and she was dropping the Mr. off at his parents’ house.  They are going to be taking him to his next doctor appointment so I can stay home and work.

Although I’m used to my life as an empty nester, it’s so easy to slip into the new-yet-familiar routine that having your children home brings.  I sure do miss my kiddos when they aren’t here, which is why Chicky’s visit meant so much.

Don’t be a stranger, sweet girl.  You are a blessing.  ❤

Thursday Shenanigans

Yesterday was a busy day at Chez Auburnchick.

But first, can I just mention the Survivor finale from Wednesday night?

The entire season was so emotional!  What a bittersweet ending.

So, back to Thursday.

It was my Friday.

I worked so hard at school and cranked out some grading during my planning period, lunch, and my students’ silent reading times.  I am down to two sets of class assignments…both from the seven total school days I was out with my ankle.  I see light at the end of the tunnel.

When I got home from school, my focus shifted from school work to housework.

Yes, that’s right.  Housework…as in the stuff I’ve been unable to do since breaking my ankle.

First up was the bathroom counter.  I didn’t take a “before” picture.  Trust me.  It wasn’t pretty.  Here’s what it looked like after I finished.

Next, I headed to the kitchen to do the second task the Mr. had requested…the stove.

Once again, there’s no before picture.  Just admire the shiny gleam.

I was careful, I promise.  I kept my knee on the scooter and didn’t reach out in crazy directions.  Yes, it was slow-going, but I got both tasks done in plenty of time to wrap my first present of the season.

The Mr. has wrapped all of our other gifts.

After that, I fed the dogs for the first time since I got hurt and let them out to potty.

Go me!

By that time, the Mr. had gotten home from work, so I sat down, iced my ankle, and knit while I caught up on a few shows I had on the DVR.

Can we talk irony for a moment?  I started a new sock project right after my surgery and, without realizing it, have been working on the right sock…which I can’t try on until I get my cast off.  Sigh.  I’ve modeled it on the left foot for now.

It was weird…watching TV while knowing that I didn’t have to go in to work the next day (Friday).

We were staying up later because we had special plans.

It got dark, and we got in the car and drove to the airport.

We sat and waited about 45 minutes…

I couldn’t keep the smile from my face…

Time quickly passed, and before I knew it, I was crutching my way toward my sweet boy and his girl…reunion in full-on mode.

Y’all, I’d anticipated this moment for weeks.  In the last few days leading up to the evening, I’d gotten teary-eyed a few times just thinking about it.

Of course, my plans had originally included a tackle hug, but after my little “fall,” I had to reimagine the affair.  It turned into a careful, step–by-step walk into my boy’s arms.

Cue the tears…for real this time.

I hugged his girl afterward, such a sweet young lady she is.  The bonds are strong after having weathered basic training separation anxiety together this past spring.

Having them in the car with us as we drove them to the house was pure bliss.  Going to sleep knowing that they were only a couple of rooms away…well, I don’t even know if I can describe the feeling.

They’ll be on this side of the states until after Christmas.  You know that I’m going to enjoy every single second of it.  More shenanigans are to be had, that’s for sure!

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